New Orleans is a wonderland and, in our humble opinion, one of the most best examples of a place that has a little something for everyone. And while cocktails might be on the radar when you come to the city that may or may not have invented them, maybe they aren't, and that is okay, too! Whether you are not a drinker, taking a break, fully sober, or interested in other options, we have you covered. From mocktails to milkshakes and THC seltzers to bubble tea, we have the insider scoop on the hottest sips on the block!

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Mocktails: Exploring the Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks in New Orleans

Dream House Lounge

Dream House Lounge is an oxygen bar and wellness lounge located in the CBD. In addition to offering coffee and their own spin on cocktails, this venue also hosts live events such as music and burlesque shows.

Bakery Bar

This cozy spot is known for its baked goods by Debbie Does Doberge, as well as a place where patrons can indulge in inventive mocktails alongside savory bites.

Bar Tonique

Hidden off the beaten path in the French Quarter, Bar Tonique has long been a favorite among locals seeking quality drinks without pretense. This oasis offers one-of-a-kind service and a wide selection of mocktails.

Bar Marilou

Nestled in the vibrant Warehouse District, this unique bar beckons patrons with a tantalizing array of artisanal mocktails and distinctive culinary delights, all within an ambiance that seamlessly blends spirited energy with luxurious sophistication. As an integral component of Maison de la Luz, the venue goes beyond conventional boundaries, boasting an exclusive private speakeasy reserved for hotel guests, offering an intimate setting with seating for twelve. Bar Marilou is not merely a bar; it is an unparalleled experience that redefines the intersection of creativity and hospitality.

Beacbum Berry’s Latitude 29

Located in the French Quarter with a laid-back beachy vibe, Beachbum Berry’s invites guests to enjoy tikis that also come in the form of an exotic mocktail drink list, complemented by mouth-watering meals.

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Brunch at Birdy's

Birdy’s Behind the Bower

A breakfast, brunch, and lunch spot situated in the Lower Garden District. This eatery serves Southern-inspired and locally sourced American cuisine, featuring a mocktail menu that caters to brunch enthusiasts.

Bywater American Bistro

An award-winning neighborhood bistro owned by Chef Nina Compton and Larry Miller, Bywater American Bistro includes mocktails on the menu. This establishment offers dinner from Wednesday to Sunday and brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

Cane & Table

This renowned bar in the iconic and bustling French Quarter celebrates Caribbean-inspired mocktails, cocktails, and cuisine. Cane & Table was also a semifinalist for the James Beard Foundation’s Outstanding Bar Program award.

Chandelier Bar

In the heart of New Orleans, the lobby-level Chandelier Bar stands as a tribute to the city's storied cocktail culture, weaving a glamorous welcome for its patrons. Under the expert curation of Beverage Manager Hadi Ktiri, guests are treated to impeccable renditions of the city's classic mocktails.

Commander’s Palace

The quintessential New Orleans dining experience is loved by locals and visitors alike. Commander’s has received James Beard awards for its food and service, as well as Wine Spectator's Grand Award. Guests can enjoy the Brennan family's brand of Southern hospitality along with mocktails.


Situated in a historic Garden District building dating back to the 1880s, Coquette features two floors of dining rooms, a 14-seat bar, and a focus on local ingredients. Coquette is a go-to spot for classic New Orleans dishes and mocktails.

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Copper Vine

A gastropub nestled in the bustling downtown business district, Copper Vine offers a delightful Southern experience, inviting guests to relax with wine and dine on their menu, which also includes a variety of mocktails.

Compère Lapin

This Warehouse District restaurant is owned by James Beard Award-winning chef Nina Compton, with a menu that melds Caribbean, Creole, French, and Italian flavors to create a unique dining experience, and a craft mocktail list to match.

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This James Beard Award-winning cocktail bar played a pivotal role in pioneering the craft cocktail movement in New Orleans. A decade later, Cure continues to celebrate classic cocktails and innovative riffs on them, including mocktails.


Bringing original Haitian culture to New Orleans by combining traditional dishes with the city's own culinary style. Guests can expect a flavorful fusion of Haitian and New Orleans cuisine.

Josephine Estelle

Within the confines of Ace Hotel New Orleans, an enchanting osteria skillfully fuses the seasonal, craft-centric principles of Italian cuisine with the flavorful nuances of the American South. Infused with a passion for exceptional beverages, the establishment goes beyond the ordinary, offering a delightful array of both great drinks and meticulously crafted mocktails.

Kingfish Kitchen and Cocktails

This upscale casual restaurant pays homage to the Huey P. Long era, with a menu that embodies new Louisiana cuisine. Their impressive cocktail and mocktail program ensures a Louisiana-centric dining experience.

Miss River

At Miss River, James Beard Award-winner Chef Alon Shaya pays tribute to Louisiana's culinary heritage with warm hospitality, personalized service, and culturally rich dishes. The experience is enhanced by an exquisite selection of mocktails, expertly curated to complement the region's delectable flavors.

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Mister Mao

Mister Mao

Mister Mao is a tropical roadhouse that prides itself on being quirky, eclectic, and unapologetically inauthentic. They serve locally sourced global flavors through refined small plates, inviting guests to come as they are and with an open mind.

Palm & Pine

As a vibrant restaurant located on the edge of the French Quarter, Palm&Pine explores the food and drink of Louisiana, the South, and beyond, including the flavors of the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America.


Saba, named after the Hebrew word for grandfather, is Chef Alon Shaya's culinary homage to his Israeli heritage. Committed to local sourcing, seafood, meats, and produce from New Orleans farms are expertly prepared over hot coals and served family-style.

Saffron Nola

Saffron offers an authentic Indian cuisine experience complete with mocktails that will tantalize your taste buds.


Nestled in Bywater, Saint-Germain is a charming bistro and wine bar that indulges patrons with an array of Parisian fare and specialties. The daily-changing menu presents a repertoire of new creations and dishes. Guests can peruse a mocktail menu curated to complement the flavors of their savory small plates.


Conceived by NOLA natives Alex and Miles Pincus and Adrian Gallo of Grand Banks in NYC, the oyster bar embodies a commitment to sustainable Gulf seafood. Complemented by an excellent mocktail program, the establishment is dedicated to providing a memorable culinary experience rooted in local flavors and responsible sourcing.

The Bower

The Bower is a full-service restaurant and bar that proudly highlights locally sourced American cuisine. Their menus are driven by seasonal ingredients, product availability, and the additional health benefits they provide.

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Toup's Meatery

Toups’ Meatery

A contemporary Cajun restaurant that showcases the culinary expertise of Chef Isaac Toups, Toups’ Meatery focuses on fine food, wine, specialty cocktails, and charcuterie. The result is a dining experience that pays homage to deep-rooted Louisiana family traditions.


Zasu is an exceptional dining establishment inspired by the Czech heritage and childhood of James Beard Award-winning Chef Sue Zemanick. The menu features a tantalizing array of savory and decadent appetizers, light and fresh seafood entrees, and bold and unique dessert options. Guests can expect a dining experience that blends Chef Zemanick's personal touch with a vibrant and innovative culinary approach.

Sip Local Bliss: Exploring the Vibrant World of Mocktail and THC Drink Brands in NOLA.

In the realm of local mocktail and THC drink brands, there are a few standout options that offer a unique and flavorful experience.

Louie Louie is a brand inspired by the vibrant spirit of New Orleans. Their Seltzers are infused with the power of cannabinoids and boast rich flavors derived from locally sourced ingredients. Whether enjoyed at bars or purchased in stores, Louie Louie Seltzers provide a sip with a kick of CBD, THC, or a refreshing mocktail for those seeking a good time.

Crescent 9, crafted by Crescent Canna, is a highly satisfying cannabis beverage that tantalizes the taste buds with its delightful combination of tartness and sweetness, complemented by warm notes of ginger. With an ideal ratio of soothing and uplifting cannabinoids, Crescent 9 contains 5 mg of Delta-9 THC and 4 mg of CBD. This caffeine-free drink is perfect for unwinding and can be enjoyed on a night out or as a relaxing nightcap at home. Look for Crescent 9 at bars, festivals, and retail stores.

Mockly is a brand that prides itself on carefully crafted mocktail recipes, designed to deliver uninhibited flavor. Created by renowned New Orleans mixologist, Jesse Carr, Mockly caters to the sober, sober-curious, and adventurous flavor enthusiasts. With a bold and unapologetic approach, Mockly offers a good time in every sip. Find Mockly in various stores across the city, as well as at popular establishments like Barrel Proof, Side Car, The Rusty Nail, Justine, and many more.

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Big Easy Bucha


Sip without Limits: Unveiling the Best Non-Alcoholic Drink Stops

Our milkshakes–and smoothies, juices, coffee, tea, kombucha, and kava–bring all the boys to the yard. So, if you're looking for something fun to sip on without the alcohol content, here are some enjoyable places around town.

Big Easy Bucha

Dedicated to supporting the health and wellness of the Gulf Coast, Big Easy Buchas craft uniquely Southern kombucha infused with ingredients sourced from small farmers. Additionally, they prioritize employing underserved populations at their New Orleans brewery.

Creole Creamery

This old-school-style ice cream parlor has become a beloved staple in New Orleans. They make their artisan ice creams and sorbets in-house every day, offering a delightful selection of flavors.

Drip Affogato Bar NOLA

A restaurant and dessert bar known for its affogato, light-fare options, and signature drinks. The intimate emerald hued space features custom upholstered seating and original artworks, all located on the ground floor of the Historic Moss Bauer Building in the CBD/Warehouse District.

Euphorbia Kava Bar

Situated in the Uptown New Orleans Historic District, this bar offers a fine selection of Vanuatu kava and other herbal intoxicants.


Dedicated to the art of tea-making, Feng Cha sources high-quality ingredients to create their drinks and fine pastries, showcasing their passion for tea beyond the beverages they serve.

Flora Gallery & Coffee Shop

A cozy coffeehouse in the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood, they they offer a variety of eats, ranging from quesadillas to quiche alongside their coffee, providing a space for relaxation and enjoyment.

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French Truck Coffee

This local favorite coffee retailer, roaster, and wholesaler has locations across the city. They provide a wide selection of coffee options for enthusiasts to enjoy.


This is a fun stop Uptown for tea lovers. From bubble tea to milk tea and more, they offer a variety of delicious tea-based beverages.


This trendy coffee shop is nestled in the beautiful Lower Garden District of Uptown NOLA. Customers rave about the fabulous service and the exceptional quality of the drinks.

Mammoth Espresso

This is a delightful spot in the heart of the New Orleans Warehouse District that serves coffee, teas, and treats, providing a cozy atmosphere for visitors to enjoy.

Mojo Coffee House

They live by the motto "It's all about the coffee!" Known for their great pour-over and drip coffee, Mojo also offers a range of dining options, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night casual dining. It's the perfect spot for catching up with friends, diving into a good book, or simply immersing oneself in the vibrant atmosphere.

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Mr. Wolf Espresso

Alongside the delightful aroma of special teas and sweet pastries, this coffee shop offers a friendly and inviting atmosphere filled with art and books.

Raw Republic

Raw Republic provides organic cold-pressed juices, customized cleanses, and a selection of raw food salads and grab-and-go options.

Satsuma Café

Renowned for its extensive juice bar, customers can enjoy a variety of fruit and vegetable combination juices, perfect for a refreshing and healthy pick-me-up.

The Daily Beet

A healthy cafe that offers a range of salads, grain bowls, cold-pressed juices, and more. It's a fantastic choice for those seeking nourishing and flavorful meals.

Uxi Duxi

A spiritual cafe that specializes in serving kava beverages, juices, and herbal teas. It's a unique and serene spot for those looking to relax and rejuvenate.


If exercise is an important part of your day, worry not! There are plenty of drop-in exercise classes offered in the city to keep you on track. Traveling with a group? Check out Footprints to Fitness and Move Ya Brass. Both specialize in customizable fitness programs where anyone can join in. Otherwise, take a stroll in Audubon Park or City Park or ride bikes along the Lafitte Greenway


For more restaurants and activities for healthy living, see our full healthy living section. Some of our favorite vegan and vegetarian spots include CarmoBearcat Cafe and True Food Kitchen. A trip to New Orleans doesn't have to be overindulgent! Explore the outdoors, try something tasty and get to know the bartenders at various local hotspots.