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City Park Couturie Forest
City Park Couturie Forest
City Park Couturie Forest

New Orleans Oak Trees

Discover the stunning natural structures scattered throughout New Orleans

One of New Orleans’ most charming attributes is its tremendous oak trees. A source of shade during sizzling summers, a canvas for adornments in the winters, an inspiration for spring adventures, and the perfect backdrop for a fall photoshoot, New Orleans oak trees are deeply historic and breathtaking fixtures. Some even have roots dating back to before the city’s founding in 1718.

Rebecca Todd
Biking in Audubon Park

During your next visit to the Crescent City, make it your mission to experience their natural beauty.

Where are New Orleans’ oak trees found?

Found along notable avenues and boulevards, near historic landmarks, and throughout NOLA’s unique neighborhoods, oak trees are grand spectacles that offer an unmatched elegance to this already timeless city. 

Below is a list of some of the best places to check out New Orleans’ grand oak trees. 

Audubon Park

A serene Uptown-based parkway filled with small swamps, walking paths, plenty of recreational space and of course, oak trees. 

Justen Williams
Celebration in the Oaks - City Park

City Park

New Orleans City Park is home to New Orleans’ and the world’s oldest and most stunning collection of live oak trees. The Anseman and McDonogh Oaks that live in City Park are between 750-900 years old. During the holiday season, the oaks are illuminated for the annual Celebration in the Oaks event. 

Dillard University

If you find yourself touring the historic Dillard University or just in the Gentilly neighborhood, make sure to take a stroll down the “avenue of oaks,” which the university is known for. The stretch is so beautiful and significant campus-wide that the annual graduation ceremony is held there. 

Esplanade Avenue

Stretching from Mid-City to Treme and all the way down to the French Quarter, Esplanade Avenue is an oak tree-studded stretch known for its Creole cottages. Take advantage of the shade from the oak trees, and ride your bike from the French Quarter out to City Park. 

Rebecca Todd
Longue Vue House & Gardens

Longue Vue House + Garden

A stunning historic home and garden that is well worth the visit. With such an elegant charm and feel it only makes sense for oak trees to be spread throughout the property. 

Oak Alley Plantation

So well-known for its collection of oak trees, this plantation was named for them. 

Rebecca Todd
St. Charles Avenue Homes

St. Charles Avenue

A day can easily be spent soaking up the views along St. Charles Avenue. Another oak tree-studded avenue with a rich history and connection to the city. Around Mardi Gras season it’s not uncommon to see oak trees filled with colorful beads and throws. Hop on the streetcar to experience the full stretch.