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Congo Square
Congo Square
Congo Square

Juneteenth in New Orleans

Congo Square, Le Musee de f.p.c and the Whitney Plantation - New Orleans is filled with places and spaces perfect for commemorating Juneteenth

What is Juneteenth?

Each year in mid-June, communities across the U.S. celebrate Juneteenth–a commemoration of the abolition of slavery in America. Block parties, festivals, performances, seminars and more are among the many ways to celebrate this historic holiday. While Juneteenth officially falls on June 19, events take place throughout the month for all to experience, learn and engage with.

Image courtesy of Congo Square Preservation Society
Congo Square Drum Circle

Where can I go to commemorate Juneteenth?

See this year’s Juneteenth Events in New Orleans

Throughout New Orleans, individuals have gone through great lengths to preserve and share the stories of the countless enslaved African men, women and children. There are a number of places where visitors can learn more about the Transatlantic Slave Trade, New Orleans’ connection to it and the narratives of the brave individuals who fought against it.

Whitney Plantation

Located roughly 30 minutes outside of metro New Orleans, a visit to the Whitney Plantation is well worth the trip. This is the only plantation museum in Louisiana with a direct focus on slavery. The tour is told from the perspective of enslaved Africans who lived and worked here in Louisiana.

Justen Williams, NOTMC
Le Musee de f.p.c.

Le Musee de f.p.c.

New Orleans was home to the oldest and largest population of blacks who were born free or set free before the Civil War. Le Musee de f.p.c. is a historic house museum dedicated to preserving the material culture and stories of these free people of color.

New Orleans Slave Trade Marker

Historic avenues, public parks and even narrow streams and rivers have a deep history behind them. Download the official New Orleans Slave Trade Marker here and begin a personal in-app audio tour of some of New Orleans’ most historic sites connected to the slave trade.

Ashe Cultural Arts Center

Whether you visit for Juneteenth or in January, the Ashe Cultural Arts Center is well-known for its year-round programming inspired by and connected to the African diaspora. Stop by for a play, a cultural exploration, an art showcase cooking demonstration and more - their events are always enlightening and refreshing.

Rebecca Todd, NOTMC
Ashe Cultural Arts Center

There are many more places and resources to visit to learn more about the slave trade and commemorate Juneteenth. Visit our history page for more inspiration.

What Juneteenth events are taking place in New Orleans?

Juneteenth is a monumental day that is cause for both celebration and reflection. Experience fireworks, block parties, dance performances and, in true New Orleans fashion, a second line or two to pay tribute to the holiday.

Browse our Juneteenth event listings below and make sure to catch a few.