Delicious food is everywhere in New Orleans, but some of the tastiest bites can be found exclusively at Black-owned restaurants. From Creole to Caribbean cuisine and drinks to match, check out our self-guided tour below for a delicious day (or days) of eating at your own pace. And check out our guide to Black-owned restaurants in New Orleans for even more options. 


Take a tour of the Black Restaurant Scene with Chef Charly Pierre
Take a tour of the Black Restaurant Scene with Chef Charly Pierre

French Quarter 

Pralines from Loretta’s Authentic Pralines 

No one does pralines better than Loretta’s. This chewy candy-cookie makes for the perfect take-home treat. Flavors vary from original praline to chocolate, rum, peanut butter, and coconut. You’ll find this Loretta’s location in the French Market

Turtle soup from Café Sbisa 

Enjoy classic French-Creole cuisine at Café Sbisa. The turtle soup is one of the best in the city, enriched with lemon and sherry. They also have a beautiful balcony overlooking lower Decatur Street.    

Justen Williams


French onion soup from Vyoone’s 

Vyoone’s French onion soup is so delicious, it’s award-winning. Lounge a while in their courtyard during happy hour (Wednesday-Saturday, 3-5 p.m.). 

Crab fingers from Compère Lapin 

Chef Nina Compton’s St. Lucian-inspired restaurant is known for serving upscale Caribbean cuisine. Give the marinated crab fingers a try while you’re there.  

Justen Williams, NOTMC


Gumbo and fried chicken from Dooky Chase’s Restaurant 

Among New Orleans’ most famous restaurants is Dooky Chase’s. Open since 1941, this Creole restaurant is a Tremé neighborhood staple. Enjoy a cup of their world-famous gumbo along with some fried chicken during your stop or indulge in the golden-fried stuffed shrimp with tartar sauce. 

Tibs from Addis Ethiopian Kitchen

Now with a new location of Bayou Road, Addis is in the hear of Tremé serving up authentic Ethiopian cuisine. Don't skip out on the tibs, a stir fry meat and vegetable dish with sauteéd onion, tomato, and spices.

Mac ‘n cheese from Lil’ Dizzy’s 

Okay okay, we know Lil’ Dizzy’s is more so known for their fried chicken and baked fish than their mac ‘n cheese, but it’s a standout side item on their menu. Don’t be bashful—go for the cheese.  

Fried okra from J’s Creole Wings 

Go ahead and order a wing combo at J’s, but don’t pass on the fried okra as a side. 

Coco-lime sweet plantains from Fritai 

You could go for the whole fried fish, or anything on the menu at Fritai, but why not keep it simple and grab an order of the plantains. Enjoy the no fuss dish (served with avocado dip) at this Haitian restaurant. 

Image Courtesy of @Evie_Eats on Instagram


Doubles from Queen Trini Lisa 

“Vegan” and “drool-worthy” are not exclusive of each other when it comes to the doubles from Queen Trini Lisa. The dish is made of curried chickpeas between two turmeric flatbreads with chutney. Oh-so delicious. 

Shrimp po-boy from Neyow’s Creole Café 

Soul food at its finest, you can’t go wrong with a shrimp po-boy from Neyow’s. 


Image Courtesy of Dakar NOLA

Jollof from Dakar NOLA 

Simple yet packed with flavor, this humble dish from Dakar NOLA is a comfort food for Owner and Chef Serigne Mbaye himself. Dakar has one seating per night and dishes are served family style, so you can’t exactly stop in for jollof, but you absolutely won’t regret carving out an entire evening for this culinary experience. 

The Cupcake Collection 

Red velvet, birthday cake, and sweet potato cupcakes are all within reach at The Cupcake Collection. 

Image Courtesy of Afrodisiac

Gentilly & N.O. East

Jerk nachos from Afrodisiac 

Blending Creole and Jamaican cuisine, these are not your typical run-of-the-mill nachos. Packed with jerk chicken, mango salsa, handmade chips, and their delicious jerk sauce, once you’ve tried this dish, all future stadium nachos will be ruined for you.  

Shrimp and grits from The Munch Factory 

Indulge in large, sautéed shrimp in a Worcestershire reduction sauce served over herb-infused stone-ground grits from The Munch Factory.  

Chargrilled Dungeness Crab Plate from Dee's Xquisite Seafood

Located in New Orleans East, Dee's is boiled seafood heaven. Order the Chargrilled Dungeness Crab Plate served with corn, potatoes, shrimp, and turkey necks.

Paul Broussard
Ms. Linda's Yakamein

Around town 

Yakamein from Ms. Linda’s 

Ms. Linda the Yakamein Lady is known for popping up around town offering “old sober” to all who stop by. Yakamein is a more than a soup; it’s a bowl filled with spaghetti noodles and chopped boneless chuck roast, garnished with chopped green onions and a boiled egg, and then topped off with soy sauce and hot sauce. Follow her here for the latest. 


Praline smoothie from Backatown Coffee Parlour 

A quaint Black-owned coffee shop located on the outskirts of the French Quarter, Backatown is a great place to start your day. Try the signature praline smoothie for a sweet New Orleans treat, or just go for a plain coffee if that sounds too indulgent. 

Image courtesy of Jewel of the South

Jewel Sazerac from Jewel of the South  

Enjoy Jewel of the South’s take on the classic Sazerac during your Black-owned food and drink tour.  

Little Boy Blue from Baroness on Baronne 

This Warehouse District cocktail lounge has their take on classic cocktails as well as house signatures. Try the Little Boy Blue made with vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup, sage, blueberries, and lavender. 

Leah’s Garden from Chapter IV 

This new restaurant from the Chase family is a breakfast and lunch spot that also serves cocktails. Enjoy this tribute to the family matriarch, the late Chef Leah Chase, made with fresh aromatic ingredients. 

Justen Williams

Whisky and cigars from Whiskey & Sticks 

More than just a cocktail and cigar lounge, the lively atmosphere at Whiskey & Sticks also plays host to trivia and karaoke. Enjoy a selection of whiskey and cigars out on the back patio. 

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