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Streetcar - Uptown Spring Color - Azaleas - St. Charles Avenue
Streetcar - Uptown Spring Color - Azaleas - St. Charles Avenue

Saint Charles Avenue

Savor the splendor that is St. Charles Avenue

Paul Broussard
Tulane University - Gibson Hall - Spring - Azaleas

The same kind of authenticity that gives the French Quarter its immutable sense of place crosses Canal when Royal Street becomes St. Charles Avenue. This grand and leafy residential avenue, which stretches more than five miles before terminating near the river at South Carrollton Avenue, is the embodiment of so many things New Orleans. Look up into the gorgeous old oaks that line the street, and at the shimmering Mardi Gras beads that mark an epic Carnival route. The sounds a green streetcar announces the oldest continuously running route for such transit in the world and a National Historic Landmark that takes French Quarter visitors to the Garden District and Uptown and locals to work and school.  Then there’s the architecture, a stellar collection of 19th and 20th century mansions built by captains of industry and city fathers.  Crowned Uptown by Audubon Park, Loyola and Tulane Universities, dotted with bars and restaurants from divey to decadent, St. Charles Avenue is a living monument to yet another aspect of New Orleans allure.  

St. Charles Avenue Streetcar
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