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New Orleans History

Enthralling, captivating and always a good time, that’s New Orleans through the ages

If New Orleans history was translated to the silver screen, it would be a blockbuster – a story dripping with drama, romance, piracy, intrigue, tragedy, and inspiration. 

Volleyed between the French and the Spanish from the late 17th century until the United States bought Louisiana for pennies an acre in 1803, New Orleans is forever shaped by its European heritage. The city’s broad timeline offers a portal into what we see, taste, hear and experience in 21st century New Orleans. 

  • No other city in America keeps its history as vital or as accessible as New Orleans. Entire neighborhoods, whole buildings, cemetery crypts, manhole covers, cobblestone streets and ancient oaks serve...
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  • Stories of slaves and free people of color, of the Irish and Italians who immigrated to New Orleans, of battles won and lost and sacrifices that secured America’s freedom on the world stage are...
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  • Tennessee Williams said, “America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco and New Orleans. All the rest are Cleveland.” New Orleans culture is unlike any other.
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  • Mardi Gras is so much more fun when you understand what it is you’re celebrating and what each tradition means to the generations of parade-goers who have stood on these parade routes before...
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  • The New Orleans soundtrack is the product of many: Africa, Sicily, Ireland, Germany, Mexico & Central America. Click here to learn about the history of music in New Orleans.
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The National WWII Museum
As one of the most historic cities in the country, New Orleans has a plethora of museums, tours, and tales of the past. Book now and...

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