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NOLA Downtown Music and Arts Festival
NOLA Downtown Music and Arts Festival

New Orleans & Company Logo Usage

New Orleans & Company has provided some guidelines for its logo to ensure consistency and brand identity for all communication.

New Orleans & Company has established a brand identity through the creation and use of the Ampersound logo. It is vital that every communication keeps with this new identity. A consistent use of the New Orleans & Company identity will communicate a professional, cohesive look.  

The New Orleans & Company logo has been designed so that it should reproduce properly in most applications. Logo elements should not be modified or omitted at any time, as this would affect design integrity, possibly lessen reproduction quality and hinder efforts toward consistency. For full brand guidelines, click here.


Brand Mark Variants
New Orleans & Company Stacked Logo

New Orleans & Company Logo Stacked 2 Color - DMO Sales Tag

Ampersound Logo

New Orleans & Company Horizontal PNG

New Orleans & Company Logo Horizontal 2 Color - DMO Sales Tag