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Krewe of Nyx
Krewe of Nyx


Catch the spirit and the loot of carnival

For more than 130 years, Mardi Gras “throws” have been part of the fun of Carnival.

Most Mardi Gras krewes have their own signature throws, and some spend all year decorating their coveted items. Bring a backpack or a pillowcase for your loot and, remember, no one goes away empty handed. 


Long beads, short beads, sparkly beads, beads with medallions, beads that light up, old-fashioned glass beads ... see who in your gang can collect the most and the coolest.


Doubloons made their Mardi Gras debut in the Rex parade in 1960 and remain one of Mardi Gras most treasured throws. Watch your fingers when you pick them off the ground though or ouch! Someone may try to beat you to it with their foot.

Paul Broussard
Carnaval Latino 2014


Every kitchen in New Orleans has a cupboard with a collection of plastic cups caught at Mardi Gras parades. Featuring the unique insignias of each krewe, they’re used year round at crawfish boils, birthday parties and all casual gatherings.

Zulu Coconuts

Decorated Zulu coconuts are perhaps the most highly sought after throw of Mardi Gras. Only the luckiest and most determined will walk away with them. For safety reasons, coconuts are passed down from the floats rather than thrown.

Paul Broussard
Muses 2016

Muses Shoes  

The women of Muses spend months decorating coveted high heels to throw out to the crowd. Some of them are gorgeous works of art to be displayed on bookshelves for years to come.

Carrollton Shrimp Boots  

Members of the Krewe of Carrollton throw decorated shrimp boots – a classic symbol of Louisiana coastal culture.  

Iris Sunglasses

Iris, the oldest female krewe, parades every year the Saturday before Fat Tuesday –rain or shine. Their famous decorated sunglasses are a real catch.

Tucks Plungers and Toilet Brushes  

Tucks throws toiletry-themed throws (you might call it “Potty Gras”) including decorated brushes.
Mardi Gras Beads

Krewe d’Etat Flashing Skeletons

With their flashing skeleton bead, Krewe d’Etat started the trend of high-tech Mardi Gras throws. Catching one will make your night. 

Femme Fatale Compact

This new krewe – founded in 2013 – started right off by throwing lovely decorated compact mirrors into lucky hands.