New Orleans is a foodie’s paradise—and just because you’re gluten-free doesn’t mean everything is off-limits. From pork belly to pizzas, check out the restaurants below with gluten-free menu items.

Gluten-Free Breakfast and Brunch in New Orleans

Bearcat Café

This casual breakfast/lunch/brunch joint will give you the choice between good cat and bad cat menu items. Whether you’re looking to eat healthy or want something completely indulgent, there are plenty of gluten-free options available. The mushroom soft scramble, cave breakfast, and vegan bearcat are all gluten-free, and menu items like shrimp & grits are available gluten-free. Many of their sides such as the grits, bacon, crisp potatoes, and fruit & cream are gluten-free as well.

Paul Broussard
The Daily Beet

The Daily Beet

Breakfast, brunch, and lunch are served at The Daily Beet, catering to wellness. Gluten-free menu items include breakfast tacos, açai bowl, and most of their bowls and salads. Enjoy cold-pressed juices, coffee, tea, and smoothies as well.


Breakfast at Brennan’s is a New Orleans tradition. Order the baked apple or the Eggs Sardou with grilled artichokes instead of crispy artichokes. Or you can indulge in a classic sweet treat, Bananas Foster, if you’re feeling fancy.

Gluten-Free Lunch and/or Dinner in New Orleans

Meals from the Heart Café

Located inside the historic French Market, Meals from the Heart Café has freshly prepared foods, made daily using less sodium, no trans fats, low sugars, low-to-no cholesterol, and no pork or pork by-products. Their menu has several gluten-free options, including crab cakes, tacos, po-boys, and a vegan Philly cheesesteak.


Casamento’s has been serving seafood for a century now. A fun fact is that their award-winning fried oysters are coated in cornmeal, making it safe for gluten-free diners to consume. In fact, all their fried seafood is gluten-free, so feel free to dive right in knowing that you don’t have to worry about gluten in the coating or cross-contamination in the fryers.  

Paul Broussard, New Orleans & Co.


Order the grilled shrimp spring rolls, the pork belly bowl, or one of the phos while dining gluten-free at MoPho.

GW Fins

Fresh as it gets when it comes to seafood, GW Fins is a must when visiting the French Quarter. Their menu changes often but there are always gluten-free options available, and the restaurant is known for being especially accommodating.


As a restaurant designed for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores, most of Carmo’s menu items also happen to be gluten-free. The Carmo salad, ceviche, Shima sashimi, Trifongo, and sweet potato fritters are all GF, but that’s just scratching the surface. For flavorful food that also adheres to your diet, check out Carmo.

Theo’s Neighborhood Pizza

At Theo’s, everyone can enjoy delicious pizza. Just ask your waiter to sub out the regular crust for the gluten-free crust and voila!

Photo credit by Randy Krause Schmidt


This neighborhood taco stand is one of the best in the city. Gluten-free diners can enjoy the broccoli taco, served with caramelized onions and sunflower Caesar on a fresh corn tortilla.


At Pêche, indulge in dishes such as the tuna dip with sliced cucumbers instead of crackers and grilled tuna with olive relish.

Photo courtesy of The Cupcake Collection

Gluten-Free Desserts in New Orleans

The Cupcake Collection

There are seven flavors of gluten-free cupcakes at The Cupcake Collection: red velvet, sweet potato, chocolate, strawberry, birthday cake, marble, and strawberry cheesecake.


With multiple locations across New Orleans, Sucré is a convenient way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Their macarons are gluten-free. Enjoy almond, blackberry citrus, and café au lait, among other flavors.

Holy Crêpes!

Enjoy fast, fresh, made-to-order crêpes in the French Quarter. Multiple gluten-free flavors are available.

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