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Pat O'Brien's Bar
Pat O'Brien's Bar

Bourbon Street Bars

New Orleans' most famous street always delivers a good time

Cheryl Gerber
Fritzel's European Jazz Club

Bathed in the glow of seemingly endless blinking, twinkling signs, New Orleans' legendary entertainment strip is always alive with possibilities. Known for its "anything goes" attitude, Bourbon Street is much more than a bar hop. There’s entertainment of all sorts, on every corner, encouraging visitors to dance, sing, join the fray and live it up.  

But look past the revelry that spills into the street and you'll find a rich history. Some of the oldest bars in the United States keep their doors open to visitors 24-7. Through one door you'll hear the call of a trumpet, beckoning you inside with the sounds of jazz in the city where it was born.

Push open another door and discover a hidden courtyard, alive and brimming with the blues. Through others you'll find flaming fountains, dueling pianos, and specialty drinks to please every palate, including New Orleans' own world-famous Hurricane and Sazerac. Here's a list of some of the most visited bars on Bourbon Street.

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