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Big Freedia Mural
Big Freedia Mural
Big Freedia Mural

New Orleans Bounce Music

Bounce music is sweeping the nation, but it’s a genre was that born and bred here in New Orleans

While most have caught the bounce bug through the sounds of Drake's In My Feelings or Beyonce's rendition of Before I Let Go, bounce music has been a longstanding fixture of New Orleans culture. Heard over the speakers of local bars and clubs, through the windows of Saturday night party buses around the city or along the second line route, bounce music lives throughout New Orleans.

What is New Orleans Bounce music?

Bounce is a unique and original music genre that derives from New Orleans’ club scene. Typically filled with fast tempo beats, call-and-response verbiage and undertone adlibs, bounce is meant to make you dance and express yourself through full-body movement.

Since the late 1980s, bounce music has been a household sound throughout New Orleans.

Who are some popular bounce artists?

One of the most well-known, New Orleans bounce artists is Big Freedia. Recognized as the Queen of Bounce, Big Freedia’s scope of work has included collaborations with Beyonce, working the MET Gala Runway with Ciara, her own television series on Fuse and much more.

Artists such as DJ Jubilee, Juvenile, Magnolia Shorty and countless others have left an everlasting footprint on bounce music and New Orleans culture. So much so, that mainstream artists like Drake, Rhianna, and others have begun paying homage to their one-of-a-kind sounds using their platforms. 

How can I experience New Orleans bounce music?

Bounce music can be heard and enjoyed within countless clubs throughout the city. The Hangover Bar exclusively plays bounce music. On just about and Second Line Sunday you can catch the beats of brass bands and bounce along the route.

And interactive twerk classes such as Twerk NOLA and Shake Ya Brass at Crescent Park offer dance workshops that feature bounce music and beats.