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Carnaval Latino
Carnaval Latino
Carnaval Latino

Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrate the past, present and future of New Orleans’ deep Hispanic culture

In 1802, Spanish rule left New Orleans, but their culture never did. In fact, many joke that the French Quarter should actually be called the “Spanish Quarter” because of the abundance Spanish architecture that can be seen throughout the neighborhood. Wander through the Quarter and you will find numerous tile signage that pays homage to the original Spanish street name.  Because of the Spain’s rule over New Orleans, we have St. Louis cemeteries, St. Charles Avenue, arched windows, mezzanines and courtyards. Their influence goes beyond the streets and can be found in our music, food, festivities and beyond.

Hispanic Heritage month takes place every fall from September 15th to October 15th to commemorate the Spanish culture in New Orleans. From salsa dancing to parades, check out the various ways to celebrate below...

Hispanic Heritage Month Events
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