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Hurricane - Pat O'Brien's Bar
Hurricane - Pat O'Brien's Bar

The Hurricane Cocktail

Get ready to be blown away by one of the most famous cocktails to come out of New Orleans

Paul Broussard
Hurricane - Pat O'Brien's Bar

The most popular drink with visitors to the French Quarter may just be the sweet red Hurricane, served with a big old cherry and a juicy orange slice. This local libation was created with rum at Pat O’Brien’s bar during World War II when whiskey was hard to come by. The name for the drink came from the glass it’s served in that resembles a hurricane lamp. A perfect place to sip a Hurricane is still in Pat O’s legendary courtyard, overlooking the flaming fountain. You can find them elsewhere around the city as well, and most bartenders will be happy to mix you one. Also try the frozen varieties at drive-thru daiquiri stands and in the French Market. 

Traditional Hurricane Recipe
2 oz. light rum 2 oz. dark rum 2 oz. passion fruit juice 1 oz. orange juice ½ oz. fresh lime juice 1 tablespoon...
Hurricane - Pat O'Brien's Bar
Pat O' Brien's Hurricane Recipe
• Mix 4 oz. of Pat O'Brien's Rum or any good dark rum with 4 oz. Pat O'Brien's Hurricane Mix (sold at the bar, online at...
Hurricane - Pat O'Brien's Bar
Where to Order a Hurricane