Restaurants with Outstanding Pies:

Slices to plan a whole meal around? These might just be worth it. 

Jack Rose

This colorful, energetic restaurant in the Pontchartrain Hotel is known for their free-spirited brunches involving chambongs, but the real star of the show for any sweets lover is the Mile High Pie. It’s a towering confection featuring a cookie crust and three layers of ice cream (peppermint, chocolate, and vanilla, to be exact), covered in a thick layer of marshmallow frosting with chocolate sauce on top.

Camellia Grill

Sometimes with pie you gotta keep it simple, and Camellia Grill does just that with their pecan pie. Grab a seat at the counter at this bubble-gum hued diner in the heart of the Riverbend, and order a slice with a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Wanna really live it up? Pair it with a chocolate freeze on the side–you won’t regret it. 

Image courtesy of Peche
Key Lime Pie - Peche


All of Chef Donald Link’s restaurants are equally delicious, but for seafood lovers, there’s no place like Peche. And for pie lovers, there’s no pie quite like Peche’s key lime pie, with buttermilk chantilly.


Clancy’s, a beloved upscale restaurant tucked away in a quiet residential corner of Uptown New Orleans, is as classic as they come. Our ideal meal would be an ice cold martini, a plate of their fried oysters and brie, a crabmeat salad, and a slice of their heavenly lemon icebox pie. It’s equal parts sweet and tart, served in a graham cracker crust with fresh whipped cream. 

Commander’s Palace

When you think of New Orleans’ most famous restaurants, Commander’s is always on the list. They’re known for their unparalleled service, incredible cuisine, and bright teal exterior in the middle of the Garden District. While many people would tell you a meal there isn’t complete without their bread pudding souffle (and they’re not wrong, per se), real ones know that the pecan pie is the sleeper hit of the dessert menu. Pro tip: if you’re craving it, you can swing by Le Petit Bleu (their mini takeout operation) for a slice (or a full pie) daily from 11:30 a.m. - 7 p.m. 

Backatown Coffee Parlour

While pie for breakfast might sound like something a much younger version of yourself would have tried to unsuccessfully convince your mother to allow, when it comes to the sweet potato pie at Backatown Coffee Parlour, those dreams feel like a perfectly acceptable reality. After all, with sweet potato being the star ingredient, it’s basically health food, right? While that might be a stretch, it does pair very well with a Golden Latte or cold brew and a morning of sightseeing in the historic Treme. 

Image courtesy of GW Fins
Salty Malty Ice Cream Pie - GW Fins

GW Fins

Ice cream pies are basically the best of both worlds–you get your pie and your a la mode all in one. This pie features a pretzel crust, malted caramel ice cream, whipped cream, and a drizzle of caramel with chocolate-covered pretzels on top. If you’re in town for French Quarter Fest, you can also find the pie in sundae form. 


Brigtsen’s feels a lot like going to a close friend’s home, not only because the restaurant itself is located in what was once an actual house, but also because Chef Brigtsen and his wife Marna strive to make it feel warm and welcoming. And when it comes to warm and welcoming desserts, you once again can’t piece a slice of pecan pie. Brigsten is famous for his, which is served with caramel sauce and whipped cream. 

The Munch Factory

Known for their fried seafood and Creole eats, The Munch Factory has a dessert menu boasting only two items: bread pudding and key lime pie. But, it's quality, not quantity that counts. Indulge in a slice of this tart yet sweet treat with a graham cracker crust and whipped cream for just $6.

Image courtesy of Windowsill Pies
Windowsill Pies

Best Bakeries for Pie:

If you’re in need of a full pie (or a slice on the go), check out these bakeries with very strong pie game. 

Windowsill Pies

This female-owned Freret Street bakery can make all of your pie dreams come true. Looking for a full pie? They can do pre-orders. Want to just wander in and see what tickles your fancy? They offer a variety of slices and hand pies, not to mention a rotating selection of seasonal savory options, like apple cheddar and winter root vegetable. 

Levee Baking Co.

We’ve made no secret of our love for Levee Baking Co. (after all, their vegan dark chocolate cookies were part of our 20 Dishes to Eat in 2020). So it’s no surprise that we’re equally as big of fans of their pies, like their collard green and feta hand pie.

CupCake Fairies

While we adore this Bayou Road spot for their signature cupcakes, any pie pro will tell you not to sleep on their Pixie pies–which are perfect for when you need just a pop of pie in your life.

Gracious Bakery

Gracious Bakery is forever one of our favorite spots to grab coffee or a light lunch. But their specialty pies are definitely worth carving out some time for. If you’re in town for the holidays, you can order full pies to bring to your celebration. But we’re really here for the pies by the slice. Call ahead or check on their social media to see what’s on the menu. 

Image courtesy of Link Restaurant Group
Lemon Meringue Tarts - La Boulangerie

La Boulangerie

Say oui to this French-inspired bakery along Magazine Street. Here you’ll find the usual suspects, like key lime, as well as tarts like chocolate and lemon meringue. You can usually grab them by the slice, or call ahead if you need a full pie.

Adrian's Bakery

This bakery in Gentilly offers everything from king cakes to donuts, and pie, of course. Order their specialty sweet potato pie for a taste of heaven.