When you’re traveling with a family, finding restaurants that please everyone can be a challenge. But New Orleans takes its food seriously, which means that everyone–from the world’s pickiest toddlers to their foodie parents–can find something to get excited about on the menu.

Whether you’re looking to introduce your children to the unique flavors of classic New Orleans cuisine, or you’re just trying to find creative twists on crowd-pleasing classics like pizza, NOLA’s restaurants have your back. See below for some of my top, kid-tested picks for everything from tacos and hot dogs to boiled seafood and high-end cuisine that’s approachable enough for kids of all ages. 

Augusta Sagnelli, Barracuda

A perennial favorite of both adults and kids alike, both locations of this laid-back, adorable taco stand seem built with parents in mind–all while still being a magnet for local college students and other child-free adults. Enjoy incredibly fresh Mexican cuisine, a kid’s menu, and insanely good margaritas in open-air seating. The original Tchoupitoulas location features a large, fenced-in yard where kids can roam (relatively) free, while the Algiers location is a short walk from the ferry (a great activity in and of itself), in addition to being across the street from Confetti Park, the adorable neighborhood playground where you can sip to-go margaritas while your kids swing.

TL/DR: Outdoor Seating, Nearby Playground (Algiers location), kid’s menu, Accessible by ferry (Algiers location)
Photo credit: Denny Culbert

Breakfast is always a sure shot, and Molly’s doesn’t disappoint. Grab biscuit sandwiches and eggs for the kids, and then go nuts with the options for adults. The entire restaurant is decked out in nostalgic toys from the 80s, and the salt and pepper shakers are attached to Hot Wheels that can be raced across the table to banish boredom.

TL/DR: Breakfast, Fun Decor
Zack Smith

Another no-brainer when it comes to kid food, Dat Dog has multiple locations across the city and serves up a variety of hot dogs and sausages (including specialty sausages like alligator and crawfish sausage) in colorful, kid-friendly settings. The Magazine Street location is especially perfect when exploring the famous thoroughfare and features fantastic outdoor seating on prettier days.

TL/DR: multiple locations, outdoor seating, kid’s menu

Wonderland & Sea is pure perfection when it comes to a laid-back, super casual eatery with plenty of perks for both kids and adults. They have an incredible fenced-in side yard with giant blocks, chalkboards and more, plus ample coloring opportunities and a menu that naturally works very well with kids–fried or grilled chicken and fish. They also know how to wow ‘em with the frozen delights–soft-serve ice cream for the kids and some truly stellar frozen cocktails for the parents.

TL/DR: outdoor seating, soft-serve ice cream, kid’s menu
Emily Ferretti, Courtesy of Saba

Saba checks a lot of boxes as a parent who likes atmosphere as much as I like knowing my kids will actually eat what I order for them. The interiors are gorgeous, but the front patio, with its prime location for Magazine Street people-watching, is even better when you’ve got young kids in tow. Their kid’s menu includes meatballs, hummus (some of the best in the city), roasted chicken and rice, buttered noodles, and a pita pizza.

TL/DR: outdoor seating, kid’s menu

Audubon Park is already a fantastic destination with kids, but the recent updates to the Audubon Park Clubhouse push it over the edge to be a must-see addition to any family itinerary. Situated amongst centuries-old oak trees, this gorgeous space offers ample views of the park and golf course, or on days where the weather cooperates, you can ask to be sat on park level, and let nature babysit your children (within view) while you sip a refreshing cocktail and pretend that you’re having an adult meal with your spouse.

TL/DR: outdoor seating, kid’s menu


Image Courtesy of Nighthawk Napoletana

Like Barracuda, Nighthawk is located in Algiers Point–and it’s a literal stone’s throw from the ferry landing.  The pizzas are incredible, the drinks are tasty, and because Algiers Point is known for its family-friendly vibe, it’s no surprise that kids feel right at home in this neighborhood pizza joint.

TL/DR: Accessible by ferry
Justen Williams, New Orleans & Co.

It’s no surprise that the restaurant located inside of the Children’s Museum is great for kids, but Acorn–owned and operated by one of the most well-known restaurant families in New Orleans–goes above and beyond for menu items aimed at adults, as well. Find grain bowls, excellent salads, fish tacos, and more, plus you can even grab beer, wine, or spiked seltzers.

TL/DR: kid’s menu, attached to the Children’s Museum

Zack Smith, NOTMC

High Hat is perfectly perched on a corner along Freret Street, and has a menu full of New Orleans classics like Gumbo Ya-Ya, BBQ Shrimp, Boudin, and more. If your child is a fish stick aficionado, get a plate of crispy catfish.

TL/DR: NOLA classics
Zack Smith, New Orleans & Co.

Another easy spot for when you want to introduce your kids to some classic New Orleans cuisine, Frankie & Johnny’s has been a go-to family restaurant for generations of New Orleanians. Kids can get anything from spaghetti and meatballs to red beans and rice or fried shrimp, and when it comes time for some distraction, there’s a claw machine and a wealth of coloring books to keep ‘em entertained.

TL/DR: NOLA classics, kid’s menu
Paul Broussard

It should come as no surprise that a donut shop is a top kid pick, but the over-the-top creations here really set it apart from your local Dunkin’. You can also get an actual meal here, including sliders, chicken sandwiches, and some breakfast sandwiches as well.

TL/DR: sweet treats, breakfast
Photo Courtesy of BRG Hospitality

This casual micro-chain offers expertly made wood-fired pizzas, sure to satisfy both kids and parents. If you’re looking for an early dinner, be sure to check out their happy hour, which runs Monday-Friday from 3-5 p.m. and features half-price pizza, draft beer, wines by the glass, and well cocktails.

TL/DR: Happy Hour, Multiple Locations
Kelsey Campion

Blue Oak is some of our favorite barbecue in the city, and its proximity to City Park makes it the perfect stop when heading to or from the outdoor oasis. Don’t skip the brussels sprouts OR the ice cream sundae.

TL/DR: outdoor seating, accessible by streetcar
Justen Williams

This one is a no-brainer for visitors of any age, but you certainly can’t come to New Orleans with kids and not get them a plate of beignets. The French Quarter location is the original and super fun to visit, but if you’re headed to City Park, swing by their park location for shorter lines and more ample seating opportunities–plus an adjacent playground for younger kids.

TL/DR: outdoor seating, sweet treats, nearby playground (City Park location)
Justen Williams

Superior Seafood is an ideal lunch or dinner stop if you’re planning a day of streetcar exploration–it’s conveniently located right at the corner of St. Charles and Napoleon avenues. Adults will love their oyster bar, frozen drinks, and upscale seafood entrees, while kids can pick from a menu of chicken tenders, shrimp, fried fish, burgers, or grilled cheese.

TL/DR: Kid’s Menu, accessible by streetcar
Rebecca Todd

Hop on the St. Charles Avenue streetcar to get to this pink-hued diner, which is an absolute classic and very much beloved by generations of New Orleanians. It’s only counter seating, so keep that in mind if you’re dining with kids too young to sit on a stool (although, in all honesty, I have seen them somehow perch a highchair on top of a stool… so it can be done). Order anything from bacon cheeseburgers and waffles (pecan is my pick) to omelets and club sandwiches, just be sure you don’t skip their famous freeze–a slightly icier version of a classic milkshake. Because of seating limitations, be prepared for a wait, but service is quick.  

TL/DR: Accessible by streetcar, sweet treats
Rebecca Todd

If you’re looking for waterfront views, Blue Crab in Lakeview is a great choice. As the name suggests, seafood is king here, but you can also find all the usual suspects on their kid’s menu (also all reasonably priced at $6.95 or less). Opt for balcony seating if you can or stick around to see live music while sailboats drift by at their ground-level patio.

TL/DR: Outdoor seating, kid’s menu
Rebecca Todd

While this is more in the “special occasion” bucket, Brennan’s is one of those grande-dame French Quarter restaurants that also happens to be particularly well suited for kids. Not only is the exterior a charming bubble gum pink, but their gorgeous patio is home to a family of turtles, which provides mid-meal entertainment for antsy kiddos. Not only do they have an extensive kid’s menu, they also invented Banana Foster, which is prepared tableside with plenty of fanfare (flames), creating a lasting memory on top of a truly decadent and delicious dessert.

TL/DR: outdoor seating, kid’s menu
Paul Broussard

Find standard breakfast fare with Southern flair, plus a full-service coffee and pastry bar at this centrally located Downtown daytime eatery.

TL/DR: Breakfast, Sweet Treats
Rebecca Todd

This James Beard Award-winning restaurant might seem unconventional as a kid pick, but there are a number of dishes on the menu that work very well for kids, including the grilled chicken, fish sticks, and catfish. Adults should absolutely order the whole grilled fish, and then finish everything off with either a slice of key lime or salted peanut pie.

Paul Broussard

This German-inspired biergarten in the Bywater offers ample outdoor seating, and a very kid-friendly menu (in addition to their actual kid’s menu). As the name suggests, you can find bratz here, as well as schnitzel, giant pretzels, and more.

TL/DR: outdoor seating, kid’s menu

Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants in New Orleans

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