Along with the food, alcohol and spirits play a role in the culture of New Orleans, but while the city’s world-famous nightlife is lots of fun, booze is not required to enjoy NOLA to the fullest. After all, the Crescent City’s signature brand of hospitality ensures that drinkers and non-drinkers alike can experience all the beauty, culture, and excitement that NOLA has to offer.  

Below are just some of the many ways to enjoy a trip to New Orleans sans alcohol. 

Paul Broussard, NOTMC
Compère Lapin

Sip on Mocktails

While almost every bartender can craft an alcohol-free beverage, many local bars and restaurants have specialty mocktail menus and low-ABV drinks that are both fun and delicious. The city also has many great spots for fresh juice and locally-made kombucha to enjoy. 

Relax Using Our Wellness Guide

New Orleans may be known as a place to overindulge, but there are also lots of great options to relax and unwind. Check out one of the many spas, parks, healthy dining options, yoga classes, and more to help you enter that New Orleans “laisses-faire” state of mind. 

Paul Broussard, New Orleans Tourism
The Station

Visit a Local Coffee Shop

No matter where you roam in NOLA, you’re likely to be near one of many local coffee shops. Whether you’re a caffeine connoisseur or just need a cup of joe to start your day, these cafés have got you covered.

Photo courtesy of Le Musee de fpc
Le Musee de fpc

Check Out a Museum

The museums of New Orleans run the gamut of sizes and topics – after all, it’d be hard to fit over 300 years of history in just one building. You can learn the history of the city’s free people of color at Le Musee de fpc, interact with local art, culture, and music at JAMNOLA, get a taste of the culinary traditions the Southern U.S. at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum – just to name a few.

Devonte Williford
Bayou Kayaking

Enjoy the Outdoors

There are tons of ways to take in the natural beauty around (and just outside of) the city. Unlock your adventurous spirit while kayaking on Bayou St. John or soaring through the swamp at Zip NOLA, exploring the city by bike, hitting some of our favorite running paths, enjoying an afternoon of golf, and much more. Or you could combine art and the outdoors with a visit to the Besthoff Sculpture Gardens, located in City Park just next to the New Orleans Museum of Art.

Take a Cooking Class

Hone your culinary skills with some fantastic local chefs at one of NOLA’s many cooking schools and classes. Not only is this an opportunity to sample some of the city’s world-famous cuisine, but you also get an awesome souvenir – the ability to get a taste of New Orleans back home whenever you’re feeling nostalgic.