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Nicole Caridad Ralston
Nicole Caridad Ralston
Nicole Caridad Ralston

Nicole Caridad Ralston

A passion for social justice and a PhD in delicious dining!

Dr. Nicole Caridad Ralston is a social justice advocate who happens to also love all things New Orleans, most specifically New Orleans food!

She curates an Instagram food blog called @EatenPathNola where she shares her favorite eats around the city and uplifts the history of the cultures responsible for our local foodways. She believes that you cannot enjoy the city's food without also acknowledging the intersections of culture, history, and social identities that are baked into it the foundation of great food. 

As a Cuban-American, she believes that New Orleans calls to the Caribbean parts of her soul, and she can't imagine living anywhere else than the Northernmost part of the Caribbean (aka New Orleans)!

Follow her on Instagram, Facebook and her website for details on the delicious bites and knowledgeable tidbits that Dr. Ralston has to offer!

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Instagram: @EatenPathNola




What is your geaux-to stop for dinner and drinks in the city?


The best month to visit New Orleans? Why?

November: the weather is great and the city is decked out in a festive winter holiday mood!

What are your top 5 must-do's for a first-time visitor to New Orleans?

Stroll Royal Street for antiques & art. Visit Crescent Park to see the river. Eat as much delicious food at locally owned spots as possible. Visit Studio Be in the Bywater. Listen to local musicians at our various music venues.

What is your favorite off-the-beaten-path place in New Orleans? 

New Orleans’ End of the World

What's a fun fact about yourself?

I’m a local doula and love supporting mom’s on their birthing journey!