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Karen Phan
Karen Phan
Karen Phan

Karen Phan

Following this local foodie is sure to keep you in the know on NOLAs dining scene

Karen Phan is the lady behind the handle @Ain’tThatPhancy - a place for all things fun, food, and of course, PHANCY!

Born in Marrero but raised in Mississippi, Karen found her way back to good ole New Orleans where she spends her free time running the city for the best bites and craftiest cocktails. 

Her love for food stems from her childhood where she grew up enjoying amazing home-cooked meals. While she picked up a thing or two from her parents over the years, you’ll see from her IG page that not every meal is made in her kitchen. She loves to indulge in eating out once or twice, maybe even three times a week. She started documenting her visit to new places and wrote about what she loved about each one, and soon enough, @AintThatPhancy was born. 

Her original handle originates from her last name, Phan. It is also her catchphrase. Anytime something would be flavorful or fun, she would say “Ain’t That Phancy.” 

Her love for food is ever-growing, especially in New Orleans. The more she explores, the more the love in her heart for this city expands. While social media and eating isn’t her main career, she is so excited for the future of Ain’t That Phancy and hopes that you follow along on many more adventures to come. 

You can find her on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter at @aintthatphancy

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Instagram: @aintthatphancy





What is your geaux-to stop for dinner and drinks in the city?

The Franklin - they have a great happy hour as well. But the chicken parmesan is bigger than my entire body and the arancini is the best.

What are your top 5 must-do's for a first-time visitor to New Orleans?

Morning call for traditional beignets, Loretta's for praline beignets (I mean they are all amazing), grab a blue bike and ride the city (best way to see the city), visit any of the rooftops for great views of the city, go to one festival - food or music, and eat anything and everything your server tells you to eat. They know best!

What is your favorite off-the-beaten-path place in New Orleans? 

Yakuza House and Chicken's Kitchen - the level of passion in these places are so big. I feel special every time I step into the restaurant. 

Who has the best happy hour in the city?

Atchafalaya - hands down the most amazing cocktail menu ever!

All-time favorite New Orleans festival?

Fried Chicken Festival, that's where my love for Southern's chicken sandwich started.