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Camp Kent
Camp Kent
Camp Kent

Camp Kent

His name is Mr. HappyHr - need we say more?

Camp Kent is a proud New Orleans native, born and raised in the historic Algiers community. 

Mr. Happy Hour, as Camp likes to call himself, started by accident. When first living in the Warehouse District of New Orleans, Camp found himself wanting to try all of the restaurants in the area - and trust, there are PLENTY! He was on a limited budget but discovered happy hour was an affordable and easy way to eat his way through the city. Years later, he still loves trying the city’s newest hot spots and taking friends on tours of his favorite bars and restaurants. He recently started cocktail classes to teach his followers how to make signature drinks at home as well as in-person cocktail meetups. 

Outside of his happy hour hunting, Camp is a devoted husband, dog dad of two Yorkies and intramural sports all-star. He is a graduate of Tulane University where he earned his BS in Marketing. Before he clocks out to catch 4-6 p.m. happy hours, he’s the Regional Marketing Manager for a telecommunications company and a serial entrepreneur.

Mr. Happy Hour allows Camp to be the super social person he loves to be. He uses happy hour to connect with friends and meet new people while sharing a cocktail and great conversation. 

If you’re interested in keeping up with Camp and all of his cocktail shenanigans, follow him on Instagram @Mr.HappyHr.

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Instagram: @Mr.HappyHr


What is your geaux-to stop for dinner and drinks in the city?

Dinner is GW Fins…Drinks at Bouligny Tavern 

The best month to visit New Orleans? Why?

April – the weather is PERFECT to visit one of the patio or rooftops in the city. It is also the start of the festival season. You can get both French Quarter Fest, Jazz Fest, and Zurich Classic…it’s the best time of year

What are your top 5 must-do's for a first-time visitor to New Orleans?

  • Streetcar ride down St. Charles
  • Drinks at the Carousel Bar
  • Get po-boys from Guy’s on magazine
  • Happy Hour at Brennan’s to see the champagne sabering and get banana’s foster
  • See live music on Frenchman

What is your favorite off-the-beaten-path place in New Orleans? 

Surrey’s for brunch is always a good choice

Who has the best happy hour in the city?

Desi Vega’s on St. Charles