Mardi Gras parades are rolling down the streets of New Orleans once again, and the city’s one and only “stationary” parade is, too. The Krewe of House Floats (KoHF) was born from the combined creativity of local home- and business-owners, local float makers and artists, and their collective desire to keep one of New Orleans’ most-beloved traditions alive - and COVID-safe - and to support local artists.

Buildings across the New Orleans metro area are decked out in the style of Mardi Gras floats, each with its own theme, and people have gone all out. Grab your mask and a couple of your favorite people, and take a self-guided tour of all the amazing “Yardi Gras” houses on the route of the Krewe of House Floats. 

This year, KoHF has partnered with the Music and Culture Coalition of New Orleans (MaCCNO) in its mission to support local culture and artists through three local organizations: CultureAid NOLA, Funky Uncle Live, and Studio BE’s Eternal Seeds. You can learn more about these organizations or make a donation here.

You can find a full map of participating homes HERE, and we’ve rounded up a few of our personal favorites below. 

Mads Reineke
Natchez House Float

Natchez Riverboat 

1041 Moss St.

See this homage to one of New Orleans’ iconic paddlewheelers along one of the city’s smaller but still-picturesque water features - Bayou Saint John in Mid-City.

Mads Reineke
Zoo House Float

Zoo on State Street

1237 State St.

Head on down to this fun and festive front-yard zoo! Catch these animals – including flamingos, giraffes, a lion, and more – dressed in their Carnival best. 

Satsumas (Home Sweet Home)

3822 Clarence St. 

This bright pop of Louisiana citrus will surely sweeten your day. They say there’s no place like home, and no home is sweeter than one covered in delicious satsumas!

Mads Reineke
The Great Gatsby House Float

The Great Gatsby

2125 St. Charles Ave.

Take a trip back to the roaring twenties with this flapper-adorned marvel on St. Charles Avenue. See if you can spot the references to the famous novel before painting the town red in true Jay Gatsby fashion.

Mads Reineke
Jester House Float

The Alligator House

808 Napoleon Ave.

Between the giant busts of the Mardi Gras jester, legendary clarinetist Pete Fountain, the plentiful beads and blooms, and, of course, the signature alligators, this Uptown home is the epitome of Mardi Gras spirit and whimsy.

Mads Reineke
Les Jolies Frogs House Float

Les Jolies Frogs

3100 Desoto St.

Have a regular Fais-Do-Do with some froggy friends! These Cajun-dance-inspired frogs have hopped down the road from Bayou Saint John to throw an epic fete for the Mardi Gras season.

Mads Reineke
Birds in a Tree House Float

Birds in a Tree

2715 St. Charles Ave.

These colorful songbirds have nested right along beautiful St. Charles Avenue this Mardi Gras. They sport the traditional Carnival colors – purple for justice, green for faith, and gold for power – along with branches of bright red blossoms.

Mads Reineke
Luna Moths House Float

Luna Moths

2701 St. Charles Ave.

Right next door to the birds sits this bevy of bright florals and luna moths! While most of us have experience with their more muted relatives, these brightly-colored insects are commonly found along the eastern seaboard and in Canada, but these super-sized moths fit in perfectly with the bright colors of Carnival.

Mads Reineke
Adventures of Jean Lafitte House Float

Adventures of Jean Lafitte 

2631 Prytania St. 

Pirate captain Jean Lafitte played an instrumental part in the Battle of New Orleans along with his myriad of high-seas adventures. This Prytania Street home captures the flamboyant spirit of one of the city’s most infamous residents in that whimsical Mardi Gras style.

Mads Reineke
Live, Laugh, Llama House Float

Live, Laugh, Llama

2410 Burgundy St. 

Pun-lovers rejoice! This llama-centric set-up is sure to make you smile and is a great starting point to explore the other festive, colorful homes of the Bywater/Marigny neighborhood. 

Willy Wonka House

8017 Nelson St.

Enter a world of pure imagination through this creative and colorful home! From the Wonka Bar doors to the cooler of fizzy lifting drinks on the front lawn, this sugary decor is sure to satisfy your sweet-tooth. 

Stuart Hall

2032 S Carrollton Ave.

This all-boys elementary and middle school has added a drawbridge and towers to its facade this Mardi Gras. This medieval-style castle also features enormous beads and books along with allusions to the school’s academic principles.

Mads Reineke
Fairy Tale House Float

Fairy Tale House

4917 St. Charles Ave.

This house took a page right out of Storyland’s book – literally. The Cinderella-style carriage and horse and fairytale book are magical additions to this beautiful Uptown home.

Into the Wilde

3219 Coliseum St.

Covered in carnivorous plants, this Garden District home’s decor pays homage to early Mardi Gras artist Jenny Wilde. Think Little Shop of Horrors with a Mardi Gras twist! 

Kraken House

6574 Memphis St.

It’s back! This Halloween (and now Yardi Gras) favorite has once again risen from the deep to delight both horror and Carnival fans alike with its massive tentacle arms that are perfect for catching your favorite throws at the parade route.