From food to architecture, New Orleans is one of the most unique cities in the world due to a remarkable blend of cultures that has shaped the city. Attributable to the Spanish presence in 18th century New Orleans, the city still embraces many Hispanic influences.

Photo by Danny Clinch. Copyright Blue Fox Entertainment

New Orleans and Cuba - linked by the Gulf of Mexico - were once located on the same trade routes. Scholars have since been able to trace cultural exchanges and common musical influences dating back to the 1800's.

In “A Tuba to Cuba” Ben Jaffe, son of Preservation Hall founders and current tuba player for the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, embarks on a journey accompanied by his band members to fulfill his late father’s wish of discovering the musical roots of jazz on the shores of Cuba.

Photo by Danny Clinch. Copyright Blue Fox Entertainment

Directed by T.G. Herrington and Danny Clinch, “A Tuba to Cuba” chronicles this epic journey of discovery while also shedding light on the history of both New Orleans and Cuban music and those who created it. This riveting odyssey offers a firsthand account of how music is the true universal language.

“A Tuba to Cuba” comes to the silver screen on Feb. 15 at select theaters in New Orleans, New York and Glendale, California.

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Photo by Danny Clinch. Copyright Blue Fox Entertainment

Loved the film and want to take your experience a step further? Preservation Hall Jazz Band still performs nightly in the heart of the French Quarter where it has served both locals and visitors intimate jazz concerts since 1961.​