Ah yes! It’s the time of the year when the Crescent City gets a slight breeze and harvest festivities begin, but did you know about the cocktails crafted specifically for Spooky Season? Here's a list of some creative cocktails made right here in New Orleans that you can enjoy during October (and some all year-round!).

Image courtesy of Mahogany Jazz Hall
Lulu’s White Bloody Knife - Mahogany Jazz Hall

Lulu’s White Bloody Knife

Bar Mahogany Jazz Hall

The French Quarter may be filled with some chilling history, but if you're roaming the streets, stop by Mahogany Jazz Hall for their seasonal cocktail Luly's White Bloody Knife! This beverage pays homage to NOLA's brothel madam, Lulu White! Cocktail creator Waites Laseter was inspired by Lulu's heroic ways of protecting her ladies by attacking "customers" with a knife if they didn't pay up. Lulu's White Bloody Knife is made with mezcal, Aperol, grapefruit, tonic, and a Peychaud-bloodied lime slice!

Image courtesy of Bar Marilou
Poison Apple - Bar Marilou

Poison Apple

Bar Marilou

If you're a fan of fairy tales, then you're going to want to try the Poison Apple cocktail! For the entire month of October, you can order this at Bar Marilou. Made with Calvados, salted caramel, and cotton candy, layers of baked apple, honey butter, and clove make it luscious and daring. Carina, the cocktail creator, put a twist on the fairytale Snow White - you know, the one where the Evil Queen gives Snow White the poison apple with the intent to kill her. One sip of the Poison Apple may put you into eternal sleep!

Image courtesy of Ace Hotel
Witches Brew - Ace Hotel Lobby Bar

Witches Brew

Ace Hotel Lobby Bar

We all get a little witchy during Spooky SZN, so head to the Ace Hotel Lobby Bar and try their October cocktail, Witches Brew. Bartender Lindsey Dukes (@dukesie14) created this cocktail to give the witches cauldron vibe a pleasant flavor. The Witches Brew includes vodka, Midori, Blue Curacao, Cassis de Bourgogne, and is infused with lemon, lime, and cranberry juice. So hop on your broom and head over for the best brew in NOLA!

Image courtesy of Espiritu
La Calabaza - Espiritu

La Calabaza and Sangre de Maguey (Blood of agave)


If you happen to be in the Warehouse District and in need of a fall cocktail, Espíritu has options! The La Calabaza, which includes pumpkin, Arrack, Reposado mezcal, corn liqueur, and Aquafaba, is an excellent evening substitute for the pumpkin spice latte lover. You can thank bartender Haley Saucier (@planchette504) for this aesthetically pleasing cocktail! However, If you're craving a cocktail filled with bold but sweet flavors, then Sangre de Maguey (which means Blood of Agave) is the one for you. Bartender Micheal Bourbon created this cocktail using pear, mezcal, rosemary, and clove with a red wine float. Espiritu will have both of these cocktails on the menu throughout the fall!