On the edge of the legendary French Quarter and into the Marigny, two streets meet: Decatur and Frenchmen. Both streets are filled with music lovers, foodies, and adventurers, seeking a good time at any hour of the day. Below are our top spots in this bustling area...

Rebecca Todd, NOTMC

Located at the former U.S. Mint, the New Orleans Jazz Museum celebrates the history of jazz through exhibitions, concerts and interactive experiences. This is the perfect afternoon getaway for all music lovers, located just steps from Frenchmen Street.

Paul Broussard, NOTMC

Get your caffeine fix with a frozen Irish coffee from Molly’s at the Market. The drink is legendary at this dive bar.

Rebecca Todd, NOTMC

Second Line Art & Antiques

With bike rentals, tours, market vendors, snowballs and haircuts, a little bit of everything can be found at Second Line NOLA. Browse through the outdoor market for antique finds and unique artwork, then rent a bicycle to explore the rest of the neighborhood!

Rebecca Todd, NOTMC

Just two blocks from Frenchmen Street, The Italian Barrel offers some of the best authentic Italian food in the city. From pastas to overflowing cheese boards and charcuterie featuring rare Italian finds, the white-table-clothed restaurant sets the mood for a date night or a quaint lunch with friends.

Paul Broussard, NOTMC

Cane & Table is a must for craft cocktails. The all-star bartenders created a menu of unique cocktails with a tropical theme. Start your day there for all -you-can-drink brunch or start your night at their happy-hour.

Paul Broussard, NOTMC

Music Clubs

Ask any local where to see live music, and they’ll point you to Frenchmen Street. Jazz, blues, reggae and everything in between can be heard among the dozens of clubs along the popular thoroughfare. 30/90 and The Maison are two of the venues to check out with your family. Both serve food, so children are welcome until 10 p.m.! Next door, Blue Nile and d.b.a. have some of the best performers and are open every night of the week.

Courtesy of Palace Market

Shop for artwork, jewelry and hand-crafted goods in the middle of the Frenchmen Street nightlife. Open nightly from 7 p.m. to midnight (or 1 a.m. on weekends), with special extended daytime hours on Saturdays (1 p.m. - 5 p.m.), the area is a great space to soak in the New Orleans culture.

Rebecca Todd, NOTMC

This popular cash-only, no-reservation restaurant serves up Italian and Creole dishes in the heart of Frenchmen Street. Many will tell you it is worth the wait for dinner at this casual eatery, located just above the energetic nightlife. Pro tip: you can grab a drink and hear some live music at Apple Barrel (located directly downstairs) while you wait for your table.

Rebecca Todd, NOTMC

The infamous hotdog stand has a location on Frenchmen Street to cure cravings all night long. Top your dog with everything from crawfish etouffee and sour cream, to blue cheese and jalapenos. This location is their biggest, so grab your friends and people watch from the balcony.