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Royal Carriages Welcomes IPW 2016

(New Orleans, La.) Royal Carriages is the oldest and largest carriage company in New Orleans, and has been providing mule-drawn adventures to travelers from across the globe since 1941. Our third-generation family-owned company would like to take this special opportunity to welcome IPW to New Orleans. Join us for a complimentary mule-drawn carriage tour as we celebrate our 75th Anniversary.

What makes the carriage industry in New Orleans unique is that only mules are used to pull carriages throughout the French Quarter. Throughout history, these unique hybrid animals have been working in New Orleans pulling carriages, streetcars, garbage trucks, and even Mardi Gras floats. Being half desert animal (donkey), mules tolerate the heat far better than horses, in addition to being stronger and smarter work animals. Each Royal Carriage mule works no more than 7 hours each day, and only 5 days per week. In addition, each Royal Carriage mule receives 3-6 months of vacation on farmland in Mississippi.

Royal Carriage drivers are local, professional, and licensed tour guides offering unique, personal presentations of each historically accurate tour. Royal Carriage tours are guided explorations of the historic neighborhoods in and around the French Quarter, featuring information that is historical, relevant, and entertaining. From the nuns who educated the colonists, to the pirates who supplied luxury items to the wealthiest corridor on earth, learn how the saints and sinners shaped the heart and soul of New Orleans on your complimentary 30-minute carriage tour.

We promise that Royal Carriage offers the best tour experience in New Orleans. No more than 8 passengers per tour guarantees an intimate experience that everyone appreciates. Carriage tours also cover more ground and information in 30-minutes than 2-hour walking tours. Grab a seat and rest your feet as our mule-drawn carriage covers 300 years of fun-filled history.

Royal Carriage tours are priced at $20 per person for the 30-Minute Group Carriage Tour and $40 per person for the 1-Hour Group Carriage Tour. Guests are allowed to enjoy beverages and snacks aboard the carriage during the duration of the tour. Private carriage tours are also available.

Please enjoy a complimentary 30-Minute French Quarter Carriage Tour during your visit to New Orleans, a $20 value! Offer valid June 13-19 and June 23-26 at 5PM, 6PM, and 7PM. All carriages at boarded at Jackson Square, located at 700 Decatur Street. A processing fee of just $0.30 is applicable to all reservations. Reserve your seats by calling (504) 943-8820.