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Rosey Robbins is an Original!
The Miami-based singer-songwriter Rosey Robbins will be performing live in NOLA.
Songs from her new release Nowhere to Run

Thursday, August 25, 2016
House of Blues' Big Mama Lounge, 225 Decatur St, NOLA 70130
9:45 - PM

Friday, August 26, 2016
Julius Kimbrough's Prime Example Jazz Club, 1909 N Broad St, NOLA 70119
7:00 -PM

Saturday, August 27, 2015
Bamboula's, 514 Frenchmen St, NOLA 70112
6:00 - PM
Rosey will be performing songs from her new album titled Nowhere To Hide

Her New Album Touches On The Past and Present

Miami, FL - July 28, 2016 - Rosey Robbins, theSouth Florida singer-songwriter who is working with award winning producer Bob Wlos (The Atomic Cowboys, Jim Wurster) is completing work on her second full length album "Nowhere To Run".

Rosey has received high praise from both fans and industry people and solidifying her reputation as a performers performer. "She is an original, and you can't ask for anything more than that" said Stewart Rabin one of her musical producers. 

Who is Rosey Robbins

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"The songs on my album will touch you,at least that is my hope."  - says Rosey.

"I come from very humble beginnings" said the singer-songwriter,"I look forward to all my performances, I know when people make an effort to get off their rear ends to go out and see a show, it's a sacrifice so I'm always going to give 110%". On this project  "I've been blessed to work with a producer who understands the concept of sound I have in my head. When a producer is that clicked in, I will trust him to find the right people to help out with the recording process, it's a matter of trust" - Rosey said. Mike Vullo and David Cook are on the L-7 studio recording sessions and they are very special.

Rosey said that the experience she had recording her first long play was useful in understanding "how to get the sounds I wanted for these recordings". "With my first album we had guitars, trumpets, saxes lots of percussion, on one track I think we had something like 13 musicians", "So I wanted to strip it down a bit which a lot of people would be inclined to do, I have a couple of tracks on my new album where it's me and a guitar.""I had some of the best people in the business come on board for this album and I'm eternally grateful."

All songs on Rosey's album were recorded at L-7 Studios in Ft. Lauderdale FL and Pauly Road Studios in Pompano Beach FL- Paul Sennello studio owner and producer, Mitch Herrick (Guitar)- Shane Rickerson (Guitar)- Rosey Robbins (Piano)

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Born in Santo Domingo-  Rosey Robbins first began singing songs on the stoop of her window sill, singing to passing neighbors at the age of 5.  Rosey'sability to connect with the audience is part of her allure, She will often jump off stage into the audience. Each performance is a powerful statement.Many people don't know it, but Rosey is fluent in Spanish and has even recorded in Spanish. Rosey has toured the eastern U.S. South and Central America, Chicago, Milwaukee and Las Vegas and Rosey has done countless T.V. performances. Recently been been recognized by the NSAI Nashville Songwriters Association International for her songwriting.

Rosey Robbins is an original!

Inspired by her many musical peers and mentors, Rosey has performed with many famous musical icons in places like New York's Madison Square Garden on more than one occasion. Rosey released a full-length recording and one of her songs won "song of the year" She was asked to perform it at the Knight Center in Miami for the award show which she did. She has also written and recorded for Sony records.

She just finished some shows in her home town at The Luna Star Cafe in Miami and Trio Live in Ft. Lauderdale with her 5 piece electric band. In New Orleans she will be performing with her acoustic band.

Rosey will be returning to South Florida at the immediately after these performances.

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