Life in the Big Easy

Emily Smith (Convention Sales) has been chosen as one of 25 young professionals for March of Dimes’ Spotlight on Success on June 12, 2015. She will be presenting an auction package and walking the runway to a song of her choice. To support the March of Dimes, or watch Emily strut her stuff, please visit the link below for information on purchasing tickets or donating to the cause. 

Emily MOD

Eliana Thompson (Convention Sales) is getting married to Ryan Becnel married September 18th at the W French Quarter. The two of them will be honeymooning in Paris in December for Christmas.  How exciting!



Carl Lauto (Convention Sales) ran in this year's Cresecent City Classic on Saturday, April 4th and had a strong finish.  Way to go!

Carl 2 Carl3


Second Quarter Birthdays 


April 3rd

Billie Jo Pigniolo

April 4th

Ann Dufrene

April 6th

Lyn Hallaron

April 6th

Michael George

April 7th

Rebecca Lovelace

April 10th

Marybeth Guarisco

April 18th

Erica Lee

May 5th

Leslie Straughan

May 9th

Greg Johnston

May 10th

Emily Smith

May 12th

Tico Soto

May 14th

Maria Manzella

May 17th

Mary Beth Mullin

May 25th

Jeff Anding

May 29th

Peggy Hagaman

June 15th

Renee Saussaye

     June 17th     

Tiffany Isemann


CVB Anniversaries


20 years

Kim Priez

18 years

Gayle Wilson

18 years

Leslie Straughan

17 years

Brian Walker

15 years

Fay Nedd

13 years

Susan Ives

13 years

John Tiano

12 years

Jeff Anding

12 years

Carl Lauto

8 years

Odilia Wallace


5 years


Rebecca Lovelace


4 years


Ted Pennison


3 years


Eliana Thompson


2 years


Arrie Kain


2 years


Lauren Cason


1 year


Rebecca Jostes


1 year


Megan Rook


1 year


Cristin Hopkins


1 year


Elizabeth Adams


1 year


Cheryl Teamer


1 year


Amanda Tinney