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Below are several unique experiences we currently offer. Of course we also have French Quarter History, Garden District History, Cemetery, and Ghost Tours also! TOURS ARE MAXED OUT AT 14 PEOPLE PER GUIDE.

Mysteries of Voodoo Tour - Led by a voodoo practitioner, discover the true history, truths, and culture of Voodoo as a religion, still practiced today. Includes guidance through the Voodoo Museum and a modern day Voodoo Temple! $29

New Orleans Cocktail Experience - Journey across Canal Street to the historic and sophisticated American Sector! Begin this cocktail adventure with an exclusive hands-on lesson. Then stroll through the American Sector where you will stop at unique, historic, and world-class establishments to learn about the cobbler, sling, fizz, and more along with the history of this newly-revitalized neighborhood. $39 (Includes one cocktail)

French Quarter History AND Cocktail Tour - New Orleans history is best served up chilled in the city that has as many unbelievable-but-true historic stories as it does amazing cocktails. This tour is a favorite of first-time New Orleans guests as the history of the city is found to be inextricably linked with its classic cocktails. $29 (Cocktails not included)

Magazine Street Foodie Tour - This food experience is design to give people local cuisine, culture, and history by feeding them New Orleans food items they would not think to order for themselves (no gumbo on this tour!) Guests enjoy a local vibe while indulging in some of the city's favorite restaurants and dishes. This is enough food for a full meal. $75 (Includes all food, tax, and one beer or hand made soda)

Nightlife and History Tour - For those eager to be "out and about" but are overwhelmed by choices or even a little fearful, this tour shows them Bourbon and Frenchmen Streets while learning history of our fantastic music and nightlife scene...all while under the watchful eye of a guide. $29 (Cocktails not included)

The Secret Session - This haunted adventure is structured in three parts: First, guests are given ghost hunting tools and led on a short walk to learn about the area's paranormal activity while employing their tools in an active New Orleans ghost hunt. The second part has the group entering an actively haunted building where our paranormal investigator (James Corbyn) conducts a hands-on course in paranormal investigation. During this phase, guests can also examine ghost hunting and communication tools used in the Victorian era through today and explore haunted objects from Corbyn's private collection. Finally, guests enjoy a full-blown Victorian spiritualism session designed to make contact with the other side. The evening concludes with a cleansing ritual to ensure no spiritual energy follows anyone home. $55 (Includes wine and beer)

Those who best enjoy our tours are people who:

  • Like small groups
  • Appreciate one-on-one attention  
  • Are interested in experiencing culture along with history

We are happy to customize tours for private and corporate groups!

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!
Mark Aspiazu | Angela Monroe | James Corbyn

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New Orleans Secrets Tours (NO Secrets Tours) unlocks the many historic and cultural mysteries of New Orleans. It is the collaboration between three highly-ranked tour guides who seek to give visitors an inside look at the unique and interesting city of New Orleans. Tour groups are kept small for a more intimate experience but larger, private groups can also be accommodated. The company's passion and commitment to providing an exceptional guest experience, every time, is evidenced in a 99.9% Excellent review rating on TripAdvisor. For more information, please visit or call 504-517-KEYS (5397).

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