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WHERE: Martin Lawrence Gallery
433 Royal Street (near St. Louis Street)

WHEN: Saturday, October 18, 2014
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Exhibit runs through the end of October

The public is cordially invited to celebrate the art of Ali Golkar. Join us for a special evening with the artist as we learn about his latest works. Refreshments will be served and entertainment will be provided by The Yisrael Trio. The artist will be available to sign new acquisitions of his work during the evening.


Spirituality and Dreams
"My hands hold the brush and my heart blows life into it.- Ali Golkar

Born in 1948 in the historic city of Isfahan, Persia, Ali Golkar brings a rich history and culture to his unique imagery. Educated in Persia through 1972 in the fine arts and architecture, the artist moved to the United States and in 1974 continued his studies at the Southern California Institute of Architecture. Steeped in the cultures of Europe and the Orient, Ali Golkar explores the depth of his cultural heritage and life experiences through his artwork.
Love, beauty, music, and poetry are portrayed with both grace and a joy of life seldom encountered in contemporary art. Greek mythology is supplanted by Renaissance mythology, which in turn is fused with the expressionism of 20th century French humanistic paintings. Golkar wraps his artistic statements in bold colors blending themes of everyday life with spirituality and dreams.




For well over 25 years, Golkar artwork has been well received in Europe, Asia and the United States. Recent exhibitions include gallery shows in France, Tokyo and Hong Kong as well as in New York, California, Michigan, Texas and Colorado. Golkar's work is presently featured as part of Community of Angels, a program sponsored by the City of Los Angeles where selected artists are commissioned to present beautifully painted life-size angels that are then strategically placed throughout the city.

For Ali Golkar, the process of creating his artwork is a continual development. He considers his original works a metaphor for that which is contained within his soul, and in this way his art becomes an invocation for our souls, allowing us to trace back to our own experience things that we have often felt, but have not been able to express.


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