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Karina Stanton
RF's 504-586-0972

New Orleans, LA - 10/25/16 - 11/9/16 - Fine Art Metalsmith Karina Stanton will be displaying a new collection of work inspired by the political chaos of the French Revolution. Artwork will transform the space at RF's in the French Quarter from 10/25 - 11/9. The Opening Reception on Tuesday, October 25 will be an extraordinary event including costume, delectable desserts and live local music. A similar event will be held for the Closing Reception on Wednesday, November 9.

The French Revolution Collection features Karina Stanton's unique style of cast filigree in bronze and stainless steel. The fine art sculptures of the exhibition capture the iconic symbols of 18th century France, such as the opulent wigs of Marie Antoinette and the brutally efficient guillotine, and makes them relevant to modern day America. The artwork draws the audience into the past, to reveal the present and ask questions about the future.

New Orleans is an inspiration for local metalsmith Karina Stanton "I am continually reminded of all the interesting connections between France and America in New Orleans, and between the revolution of France, and political unrest in the US now. There is so much history in New Orleans, it creates an atmosphere that both reflects on the past and celebrates the present. It's very exciting to show this work here." Stated the artist when discussing the venue with her collaborators, an ensemble of local New Orleans legends.

Karina Stanton is a renaissance woman whose art touches on many topics from quantum theory to heavy metal. Her work deals with social culture worldwide and emphasizes knowledge and history. The progression of mankind's ideas throughout time are visualized by recognizable symbols, such as the guillotine, and draw upon the personal experience of the viewer with the symbol through the lens of the social, economic, and religious associations within local and world culture.

You are cordially invited to attend the art exhibition "Let Them Eat Cake!" by local artist Karina Stanton at RF's in the French Quarter on 301 Dauphine New Orleans, LA from 10/25 - 11/9. RF's is a sophisticated French Quarter saloon with Cajun/Creole Cuisine and live local music 7 nights a week. The art exhibition will fill the space and be open to the public from noon until midnight for the duration of the exhibition. Karina Stanton, the artist in residence, will be on hand throughout to discuss the work. The Opening (10/25) and Closing (11/9) Reception will be an affair to remember with costumes, cakes, cocktails and Cajun/Creole cuisine.