The French Quarter is full of classic New Orleans restaurants with a variety of delicious cuisines. Within the iconic neighborhood, there’s an ambiance like no other, so it’s no surprise that courtyard dining is a popular choice for many. Perfect for a date night, a leisurely lunch, graduation celebration, or just a great meal in a dream-like setting, courtyard dining is a must for every visitor. Relax and take it all in at the restaurants below. 

Justen Williams

Upscale French Quarter Courtyard Dining 

Pompano Pontchartrain at Broussard’s, seafood gumbo at Muriel’s—expect a feast for the senses at an upscale French Quarter restaurant. The courtyards just add to the already elegant atmosphere, some complete with fountains and ponds. In addition to the restaurants mentioned above, check out Bayona, Court of Two Sisters, Tableau, and Brennan’s. Don’t miss the weekly champagne sabering in the courtyard of Brennan’s, Fridays at 5 p.m.

Casual French Quarter Courtyard Dining 

You don’t have to shell out the big bucks to eat in style in the French Quarter. Evangeline, Napoleon House, and Orleans Grapevine all offer New Orleans cuisine with cozy ambiance in a casual setting.

Michael Tucker, Will and The Way

French Quarter Courtyard Bars  

Though technically more of a bar, Pat O Brien’s is nearly just as famous for its courtyard as it is for the hurricane cocktail. Enjoy Caribbean cocktails at Cane & Table or have late night snacks at The Will & The Way. Don’t be surprised that when visiting a bar in New Orleans, there may be a courtyard within.

French Quarter Restaurants with Courtyard Dining

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French Quarter Restaurants with Courtyard Dining