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Denise Lyons
Denise Lyons
Denise Lyons

Denise Lyons

Roaming NOLA and snapping shots one neighborhood at a time

Her neighborhood strolls through New Orleans have turned into a following of more than 17k and counting!

If you’ve ever come across Denise Lyons’ quirky and colorful Instagram page, you’ve probably scrolled through longer than you anticipated.

Denise spends her time roaming NOLA for single shotgun houses, vibrant sunsets, unique street art, and other Southern charms commonly found in New Orleans - and then shares her findings far and wide with her RoamingNOLA community!

You can feel her love and appreciation for the city in her dynamic snapshots taken while walking or riding her bike. Her attention to the intricate details of architecture and glimpses into urban life make New Orleans a great city and places her as one of the most vibrant up-and-coming photographic ambassadors.

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Instagram: @RoamingNOLA


What is your geaux-to stop for dinner and drinks in the city?

Bacchanal if I'm in the Bywater. Yo Nashi in the CBD and Del Fuego uptown. I like to stay on the move; you'll never know where I'll turn up. 

The best month to visit New Orleans? Why?

January-March: Perfect weather, Mardi Gras, St. Joseph's Day altars, and St. Patrick's day.  April-June:  Festivals non-stop! French Quarter Fest, Jazz Fest, and some smaller festivals to round it out. October-December:  Halloween festivities, opening day at the Fairgrounds, and local holiday activities. 

What are your top 5 must-do's for a first-time visitor to New Orleans?

  • Ride the Ferry to Algiers to spend the afternoon exploring the architecture and history of this, often forgotten, neighborhood. 
  • Take a museum tour. NOMA, CAC, WWII Museum, Historic New Orleans Collection, The Cabildo, The Pharmacy Museum, and The Museum of Death are just a few to note. 
  • Shop and Dine along Magazine Street. 
  • Stroll aimlessly through City Park, enjoying the Sculpture Garden and Botanical Gardens. 
  • Explore the countless art galleries on Royal Street. My current favorites are Mortal Machine Gallery and Craig Tracy Gallery.  

What is your favorite off-the-beaten-path place in New Orleans? 

  • The General Laundry Building and Lake Front Airport for Art Deco Architecture. 
  • Luizza's by the Tracks or Parkway for terrific Po'Boys.
  • The Bywater Neighborhood for colorful views, a variety of restaurants, and eclectic shopping.  

Who has the best happy hour in the city?

Sake Cafe on Magazine St.