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Crescent City Farmers Market

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A walk through the Crescent City Farmers Market is an opportunity to awaken every taste bud, every sense.

Here the visitor finds vegetables grown by local farmers and sold directly to local restaurateurs and home cooks. Local patrons make these visits a weekly ritual. Seasonal delights — from succulent Pontchatoula strawberries, ripe exotic mushrooms and herbs, a vast array of lettuces and greens or Gulf delicacies of shrimp, oysters and the catch of the day—are sold to eager gourmets.

Freshly baked pastries, delicious homemade ravioli stuffed with sumptuous fillings, hearty jams and jellies and other ready-made foods are also available. Brightly colored flowering plants and elegant orchids are a feast to the eye, and offer a delightful touch to any setting.

Local chefs—celebrities in their own rights—are often seen at the markets buying for their restaurants and homes. These talented chefs demonstrate their culinary expertise on the market grounds and often generously share their knowledge of cuisine with their audience.

Upcoming Events
03/23/2019 - Milly Raccoon