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Asian Pacific American Society Festival


Every year at Audubon Zoo, the Asian Pacific American Society hosts Asian Pacific American Society Festival, featuring live entertainment, delicious cuisine, arts & crafts, and more.

The festival usually takes place in the beginning of April.

Asian/Pacific Islanders in New Orleans

Over the 300+ years since the city's founding, New Orleans has welcomed dozens of nationalities into its rich cultural and ethnic mix. Among the most recent group of arrivals are the Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders whose original homelands lie along the western rim of the Pacific Ocean; from Vietnam, China and the Indonesian and Philippine archipelagos to the islands of Japan, and along the northern shores of the Indian Ocean, from Pakistan and India to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Louisiana has an estimated Asian and Pacific Islander population of 54,000 and comprising 1.2% of the state's total population.

The Asian Pacific American Society of New Orleans maintains a website to keep members and others abreast of events happening  in the community, as well as a database of demographic information and local  resources. To learn more about the society and the local Asian Pacific Islander Community go to

Distance From Key Locations
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Audubon Zoo

World-renowned Audubon Zoo is a 58-acre beautifully landscaped setting in historic Uptown New Orleans with award-winning natural habitat exhibits and a wide variety of more than 1,700 striking, rare and endangered...