Entering “Can’t come to the phone right now, I’m too busy relaxing” territory, y’all.

Attention ladies, theydies, and honestly anyone fabulous looking to treat yourself to a classic movie makeover montage! We know that living life in the glamorous lane means that a good old-fashioned spa day just might be on your itinerary while traveling, or at least we think it should be!

Being in a new city is a great way to treat yourself to that new haircut, trending manicure, or facial treatment for the long-lasting vacation afterglow. So, whether this is one of many treat-yourself moments or THE treat-yourself moment, we have got you covered, head to toe.

Image Courtesy of Bandit Hair Company
Bandit Hair Company

Hair: Blow it Out

Whether you’re getting those high-beam blonde highlights you’ve been thinking about or you just want to rip the Band-Aid off and get those vibrant full rainbow-spectrum waves, Bandit Hair Company or Salon Diversions has you covered. Bandit is in the Marigny and provides their clientele with an inclusive safe space for the LGBTQ+ community. These folx are not afraid of a vibrant ‘do, but are champions with natural hair too. Just a hop over from them is Salon Diversions, a French Quarter-based Aveda concept salon founded in 1993. Your hair is in great hands with either salon, and that new look is just a booking away.

Image Courtesy of She Comes in Peace
She Comes in Peace

Nails: They filmed Claws here for a reason

Respectfully, if you are here to post selfies of your fabulous trip all weekend, nothing looks better than a fresh nail set when holding up that cocktail for the ‘gram. I mean, truly, it’s the finer details that make things aesthetic. Nothing says “Until further notice, assume I’m out of the office” like getting those nails HR wouldn’t approve of back home. She Comes in Peace just relocated and is in the cusp between the 7th ward and the Marigny. You can’t miss their loud sense of style, as their shop sits right on St. Claude Avenue. Known for their hair, nails, clothing, and locally made goods, this space is a safe haven for those who live life with a little extra flair. The team over at Lab & Lounge has the same effect on their clients. Located in the Touro section of Uptown New Orleans, Lab & Lounge is an eclectic concept salon with nails that speak for themselves. Whichever experience you choose will bring you a new appreciation for the artistry that their technicians provide.

Image courtesy of Four Seasons New Orleans
The Spa at Four Seasons New Orleans

Spa Day: Do you eat the cucumbers…or no?

We all have had that moment where we think to ourselves, “I have been feeling a lot better since I sipped this cucumber water,” so we see no problem in letting those eye-cucumbers do double duty as a light snack post-treatment­–as long as you’re certain they didn’t mingle with your hyaluronic acid serums. Over at the Four Seasons New Orleans you can live your White Lotus Hotel fantasy with some of the best views of New Orleans, but why stop there? If you learned anything from Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya McQouid, it’s that there’s always time for a spa treatment. And a Four Seasons spa treatment is like a trip to the pearly white gates of heaven. However, sometimes the fantasy comes with a price tag. So, if you are looking to treat yourself to some rejuvenation without dipping into your cocktail budget, go ahead and visit the team at Glasskin on Magazine Street, because this space will bring your mind and skin to Zen.

Image Courtesy of the Hotel Monteleone
Hotel Monteleone

Please excuse me if I fall asleep during this massage

Did your office back home decide that standing desks were the move, or did you compete in that triathlon before you got here? Because those muscles are tense! No worries though, nothing a great massage can’t dissolve away. Tucked inside Hotel Monteleone is Spa Aria. You might recall Hotel Monteleone from its historic Carousel Bar, but before you grab a cocktail and a spin, head on upstairs to relax those muscles with a full-body massage. Alternatively, Spa Atlantis is also located in the French Quarter, and is a must-stop for LGBTQ+ travelers when it comes to the art of relaxation. Known for its high-quality spa experience, the team at Atlantis focuses on service, serenity, and relaxation.

There’s always time for a cocktail

Why limit happy to just an hour, especially after a full day of treating yourself to the royal treatment? I mean New Orleans is known for its passion for cocktails, so why not have a few somewhere charming to polish off the day? Tucked away in the Lower Garden District is Hotel Saint Vincent, which was built in 1861 as “The Saint Vincent’s Infant Asylum” and reimagined in 2021 into the sexy-chic hotel it is today. Make your way on over to get a succulent sip behind the red-illuminated doors of their Chapel Bar. Or maybe you have found yourself wanting a more casual-trendy vibe–or a room full of gays to tell you how good you look after all that primping. Either way, American Townhouse has the best of both worlds when it comes to that. On the edge of the French Quarter on N. Rampart Street, this space is bright, fresh, and full of strong cocktails and yummy treats to enjoy with your feet kicked up in the courtyard.

By now, you are probably wondering if the spa will notice that you took the robe home with you, or if the bartender really did a double take when you walked in. Whatever the case, hopefully, you had time to take in all the great energy from your self-care day. You look great, baby. Cheers!