While the world-renowned French Quarter is known to steal the hearts of those near and far, it is just one of many unique New Orleans neighborhoods. From Mid-City to Central City and the Garden District to the Arts District, each and every neighborhood throughout New Orleans has its own distinct personality and charm.

Some neighborhoods are known for their historic ties and architecture, while others are known for their bustling social scenes and off-the-beaten-path artwork.

Whether you’re planning a trip and scoping out your spots, or just looking for a virtual visit to the Crescent City, these are some of the best content creators to follow for New Orleans neighborhood strolls.

Valerie Esparza, @NOLA_Val

Valerie Esparza - @NOLA_Val

If you're looking for a stunning collection of New Orleans-based photography, look no further than @NOLA_Val. Her shots are clear and precise with a focus on homes, empty street scenes, and bare buildings.

Her beloved images gained so much exposure via Instagram that she even offers prints and greeting cards for sale on her Etsy Shop. Check them out here.

Photo courtesy of @TravelerBroads
TravelerBroads - Magazine Street

Fender & Maloney - @TravelerBroads

Fender & Maloney created an Instagram page as bright, fun, and vibrant as they are with @TravelerBroads. In addition to following their awesome antics across the Crescent City, the two also incorporate their precious pup in the mix! For all things festive, fun, and involving food - give them a follow.

Susan Whelan, @NolaMaven

Susan Whelan - @NOLAMaven

Voted the #2 best local Instagram account by the Gambit’s 2016 Best of New Orleans series, Susan Whelan has established herself as THE @NOLAMaven. She's a lover of the culture, cocktails, and places and spaces throughout New Orleans. Snoballs in the Bywater and daiquiris in the French Quarter are among some of the shots that she’s known to capture and share with her loyal band of followers. Her feed is a great place for geaux-to recommendations during any visit to the Crescent City.

David Mora, @DavidNOLA
DavidNOLA - Fall in NOLA

David Mora - @DavidNOLA

He’s vying to be the “King of New Orleans,” and his images of the city are quite grand and royal if we do say so. David Mora aka @DavidNOLA is a locally-based content creator loving all things NEW ORLEANS. His page is filled with French Quarter shots, suggestions for fine dining, and his signature rain puddle pictures.

Kimberly A. Nesmith, @RisingCrescent

Kimberly A. Nesmith - @RisingCrescent

It's all about the COLORS for @RisingCrescent. This page showcases homes from Algiers Point to the Bywater that are dipped in bold and vibrant colors. A follow on Instagram is sure to brighten your timeline and the suggestions will liven up any visit to New Orleans.

You can even book a personal photography session with Kimberly at some of the picturesque places she’s frequented throughout NOLA. You can learn more by heading to her IG account.

Nathan Norsworthy, @HomesOfNewOrleans
HomesOfNewOrleans - Flower House

Nathan Norsworthy - @HomesOfNewOrleans

Homes in New Orleans are unlike any other homes found around the country. Hot pinks, bold blues and neon greens are just a few of the flavors you'll find roaming the Crescent City, and Nathan (@HomesOfNewOrleans) captures them all. Using his Nikon D5300 and iPhone 8+, HomesOfNOLA transfers followers to doorsteps of hundreds of houses across the city.

Julie Clements, @NOLAJules68
NOLAJules68 - Oak Tree

Julie Clements - @NOLAJules68

She says wasn’t born in New Orleans, but she got here as quickly as she could - and we're glad she did. From porches and parades to the lakefront and the bayou, NOLAJules knows NOLA. Her images are polished, pristine and showcase NOLA in such a way that anyone can picture themselves in the shot.

Follow her work as well as her Etsy shop (JknowsNOLAphotos) to keep up!

Photo courtesy of @RoamingNOLA


What began as daily exercise has blossomed into an Instagram page dedicated to the Crescent City known as @RoamingNOLA, and the name says it all. This chic chica is known for styling while profiling New Orleans grabbing shots of everything from homes and murals, sunsets and street signs and everything in between.

Laura Steffan, @Lsteffan
LSteffan - Green House

Laura Steffan - @lsteffan

This social media mastermind has turned her passion for photography into a paycheck. Door fronts and flowers are her signature shots- and @lsteffan captures them beautifully. Born and raised in Louisiana, Laura is familiar with both the off-the-beaten both and iconic stop throughout the Crescent City.