Katie Sikora for Krewe of Red Beans
Snake & Jake's Christmas Club Lounge

We love our neighborhood bars in New Orleans. They’re funky, fun, special places that are an essential part of our unique culture here. Like most businesses, they’ve been hit hard by the pandemic and are doing everything they can to stay afloat. 

Thanks to the good folks at the local non-profit Krewe of Red Beans, there’s a way we can all help them through this difficult time: bean coin. Essentially a pre-paid bar tab redeemable at numerous bars (and other businesses) all over the city, bean coin purchased now gives our neighborhood bars the critical funds they need today to cover operating costs like rent, mortgages, and insurance.

Available in $10 denominations, this unique New Orleans currency can be purchased online at nolabeancoin.com between now and October 31, 2021. On November 1 the Krewe of Red Beans will start production, creating beautiful bean-shaped “coins” locally with recycled glass. They plan to begin fulfilling all orders on Jan 6, 2022 (Twelfth Night and the start of Carnival season).

Bean coin can be used to buy drinks and other merchandise at businesses accepting the currency throughout the city. For a list of those businesses, to purchase bean coin, and to learn more, see nolabeancoin.com.