It’s no secret that New Orleans is known for its food. With over 1,000 restaurants in the city, it’s hard to narrow down what to try first. To help, we compiled a list of our top 19 unique dishes to try in New Orleans in 2019.  

Justen Williams, NOTMC

Located off the beaten path in the Riverbend, Boucherie is a neighborhood gem. Their most famed dish is the bread pudding made from Krispy Kreme donuts.

Rebecca Todd, NOTMC

This James Beard Award-Winning establishment has a stellar menu, but their turtle bolognese is a stand out dish. It is made with bucatini, sherry, parsley and a deep-fried soft boiled egg.

Photo courtesy of Clancy’s

Clancy’s is a classic New Orleans restaurant for Creole food in a quaint setting. Their fried oysters topped with melted brie is a tried-and-true favorite appetizer for many local New Orleanians. 

Paul Broussard, NOTMC

Semi-finalist for James Beard’s Best New Restaurant of 2018, Saffron is not your average Indian restaurant. Chef Vilkhu combines indian dishes with New Orleans flavors, such as the Oyster Bed Roast. The oysters are prepared in caramelized onions, garlic and curry, then served with naan. 

Justen Williams, NOTMC

Commander’s Palace award-winning chef Tory McPhail, Commander’s owner Ti Martin and Reginelli’s owner Darryl Reginelli opened Picnic Provisions and Whiskey in 2018 to highlight their spicy fried chicken. The chicken, which can be ordered in a basket or as a sandwich, is soaked in crawfish boil seasoning before it is fried, giving it an extra bite you can only find in South Louisiana. 

Justen Williams, NOTMC

Also located in the Riverbend of Uptown New Orleans, Carrollton Market is no secret for ultimate foodies. They have a menu full of interesting and delicious dishes, such as the Foie Gras with a cinnamon roll pain perdu and luxardo cherry gastrique.

Rebecca Todd, NOTMC

This funky spot is known for their eclectic environment and comfort food. Their cheesecake appetizer has become a signature dish from the chef and owner. The bizarre combination of ingredients will have your mouth watering for more. 

Kerri McCaffety, Brennan’s Restaurant

Invented at Brennan’s in the in 1950s, Bananas Foster has become a top New Orleans dish. Whether its brunch or dinner, the dessert is a must. It is prepared table-side, combining bananas, brown sugar, cinnamon and liqueur, then it’s flambeed and served over vanilla ice cream.

Justen Williams, NOTMC

Since 1943, Barrow’s has been known for their fried catfish. The beloved restaurant, which closed after Katrina, reopened in 2018 and was welcomed with lines around the corner for a taste of their catfish again.

Rebecca Todd, NOTMC

Located in the Bywater, Elizabeth’s shines when it comes to brunch. The praline bacon is just as it sounds and is a game changer to the breakfast world.

Jared Howerton, Gris Gris

In this fan favorite dish, Gulf shrimp are served with smoked sausage, roasted red peppers with cherry tomatoes and signature stone ground grits. Opening in 2018, Gris Gris elevated classic New Orleans dishes and became an instant hit with local diners. 

Justen Williams, NOTMC

Marjie’s serves their chicken (yardbirds) two ways, and both are equally indulgent. The Cornmeal Crusted Yardbird is marinated in hot sauce and buttermilk and dusted with Thai chilli spice, then fried and drizzled with cane syrup. The Grilled Honey Butter Yardbird is cooked over coals and glazed with Orleans Parish honey butter. Both dishes highlight the restaurants menu of southeast Asia and Gulf South combinations. 

Zack Smith, NOTMC

One of the most notable po-boy shops in New Orleans, Parkway has been a loved spot for the New Orleans sandwich since 1911. Their surf and turf combines two of their signature po-boys with roast beef, fried gulf shrimp and a generous ladling of gravy. 

Justen Williams, NOTMC

Yellowfin Tuna Cones from SoBou

Located just south of Bourbon street, as the name stands for, SoBou is a fun establishment from the Brennan Family. The yellowfin tuna cones are unlike anything else. It appears to be an ordinary ice cream cone, but instead, this appetizer is made up of pineapple tuna ceviche inside a cone with basil avocado ice cream. 

Stephen Smith, Jr., Loretta’s Pralines

Being the first African American woman in New Orleans to operate her own successful praline company, Loretta has now been serving her pralines for over 35 years. Her praline beignet is a twist on the traditional treat, featuring a sweet filling and drizzle of icing. 

William Hereford, Turkey and the Wolf

This quirky lunch spot in the Garden District has won numerous accolades-- especially for this sandwich. The huge sandwich includes fried bologna with hot english mustard, potato chips, shredded lettuce, mayo  and american cheese.

Sheila Tahvildari, QED Hospitality

This delectable dessert is a signature for the Pontchartrain Hotel, where Jack Rose is located. The pie starts with a black cookie crust and is layered with peppermint, vanilla and chocolate ice cream. It is topped with marshmallow and chocolate sauce.

Paul Broussard

On Saturday and Sundays, Maypop offers a dim sum brunch with one-of-a-kind dishes. Southern ingredients transform asian staples, such as the soup dumplings. Made with crab, cheese and other seasonal ingredients, the flavors pop in your mouth.

Justen Williams

Sno-La serves New Orleans style snowballs year-round. Their specialty is cheesecake stuffed snowballs, making the favorite local treat even sweeter. Try the Chantilly Cake or Oreo Cheesecake.