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New Orleans, LA (August 29th, 2016) - One of the top travel trends of 2016 has become increasingly obvious: travelers want an authentic experience. Whether they're eating locally-grown plantains when they dock in Playa Del Carmen, venturing outside Beijing for an immersive Mandarin lesson, or watching a born-and-raised New Orleans native dust the sugar on their order of beignets, the Millennials have spoken, and they want off the cruise ship and into the bodegas.

So how does one discover the "true" New Orleans, a city whose rich, cultural heritage collides with Hand Grenades and Mardi Gras beads?

By spending time with true locals who love their city.

New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours, founded in 2014 to reveal the true New Orleans spirit through a team of carefully vetted, certified guides, recently hired on Johnny Palmer, a local New Orleanian, as Tour Manager to build upon their success and shape their tours. Hailing from Jesuit High School, Johnny is a die-hard Saints fan and connoisseur of all things New Orleans. Johnny and his team plan to continue giving Legendary's French Quarter, Garden District, and Ghost tours the personal touch that sets them apart from other tour companies.

Legendary has always been firmly rooted here in New Orleans. The company was founded by Jeff Rogers and Michael Fridge, both born and raised in Louisiana, and continues to be family owned and operated. Because the majority of the staff grew up in and around New Orleans, their tours not only showcase iconic landmarks, but also celebrate the quirky side of the city that most transient travelers will miss. Personal anecdotes are peppered into the views of Jackson Square, transforming a tour into a true glimpse of New Orleans life in all its horn-playing, foot-stomping, crawfish-boiling glory.

As travelers increasingly seek out tour companies that provide an insider's perspective, the tourism industry grapples to keep up. But for companies like Legendary, the feature that sets them apart from the fray is one that they've always had and can never change: the fact that they were founded by locals who just love their hometown.

About New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours:
Founded in 2014, New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours offers professional guided tours of the Garden District, French Quarter and Cemeteries. Along with Cajun Encounters, New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours is part of Pelican New Orleans, a local, family-owned and operated hospitality company.