2016 marks the 160th Anniversary of New Orleans' second oldest dining institution, the birthplace of brunch and home to the oldest stand-up bar in America. As one could imagine, the Tujague's story is steeped in foodie lore - replete with ghost stories, butchers' tales and presidential visits. When the restaurant opened adjacent to New Orleans' first public market in 1856, local workers came daily to enjoy a mid-day "butcher's breakfast" now known as the international tradition of brunch. Trademark dishes from the earliest days included Spicy Shrimp Remoulade and Boiled Beef Brisket, and later the famed Chicken Bonne Femme. Cocktails are equally important to Tujague's history; both the Grasshopper and Whiskey Punch were created behind the stand-up bar - the oldest in America. The guest book at Tujague's has included Presidents - Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower and France's De Gaulle - as well as such notables as Cole Porter, O. Henry, Diane Sawyer, Don Johnson, Harrison Ford, Margot Kidder, Dan Akroyd, Ty Cobb, John D. Rockefeller and many others. Tujague's is located at 823 Decatur Street in New Orleans' French Quarter. Telephone: 504.525.8676 www.tujagues.com

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