Thursday, June 23rd, 7 pm on the footbridge over Bayou St John (near Cabrini High School)

Sallie Ann Glassman, La Source Ancienne Ounfo, and The Island of Salvation Botanica celebrate St. John's Eve with their annual Headwashing Ceremony (form of Vodou baptism) dedicated to Marie Laveau

Wear all white and bring a white scarf or rag for your head (It will get dirty.)

Bring an offering for Marie Laveau. She likes flowers, blue and white candles, Creole foods, hair ribbons and hair dressing supplies (She was a hairdresser.), Vodou-esque items (Voodoo dolls, potions, gris-gris bags, etc.), or images of Marie Laveau.

Another ceremony takes place at The International House Hotel at 221 Camp on Wednesday, June 22nd, at 6:30 pm. Similar ceremonies; very different environments; both beautiful!

For more info, call Island of Salvation Botanica: (504) 948-9961.