St. Charles Avenue Hostel Opens Entire Floor to New Orleans-based Artists

The event is titled “The Art Hostel” as each guestroom on the floor will temporarily turn into creative spaces for the artists to manipulate.

New Orleans, LA: On August 22 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., The Quisby is hosting a one day only installation art showcase highlighting young local artists. An entire floor of guestrooms will be set aside for the artists. Fabric manipulation, industrial design and food pop-ups are some of the mediums being showcased throughout the rooms. Each guestroom will feature one talented young artist or a pair of artists. This will be an environment open to anyone. Onlookers are invited to peruse and interact with the installations and the artists.

Selected artists include:

●        Syd & Cyn (@syd.bitch & @cynte1le)

●        Carlisa (@xcarlisax)

●        Brooke (barbiespicegirl)

●        Milagros (@milagrosyall)

●        Luna (@luna.loxx)

The base floor of the event will also feature two DJ’s and a live performance for visitors of the Art Hostel.

What is The Quisby? After being closed for almost 14 years, the Audubon Hotel was restored and renamed the Quisby. After a year-long restoration, the Quisby opened its doors as a hostel showcasing a modern design in 2017. It is staying true to its origins of drawing in interesting people around the city and serving as a showcase space for edgy and experimental art. Quartz Bar, located on the ground floor, is a 24/7, full-service bar that hosts an eclectic mix of locals and travelers. For the event, the bar will feature classic cocktails with a New Orleans twist, local beers, and wines that are boxes and bougie.

Media Contact: 

Mikayla Skinner
The Quisby | Quartz Bar
(662) 202-6708