New Year, New List:  Ralph's on the Park celebrates 300 years of New Orleans with the best-dressed drinks, which are sure to entertain and make history buffs happy. Developed specially for the Tricentennial, the new menu is a celebration of the impressive history of City Park, and the appreciation of the building itself. What originally began as an 1860 coffeehouse, Ralph’s on the Park, on the edge of the City Park, with it’s refreshed look into bar and restaurant, presents evenings with the very essence of great Southern hospitality.
'Our History Told in Cocktails' chronicles the past and honors the locale in a half-dozen genius cocktail concoctions, many of which are notable twists on beloved classics.
Oak Fashioned – This site-specific cocktail is presented in a glass full of twisting and billowing clouds of Smoked City Park Oak that lingers over the bourbon. Bourbon, Luxardo Cherry, and Orange in the Smoked Glass deliver a real taste of place.
Saux-Saux – A tribute to Jean Marie Saux, who constructed the original coffeehouse, a gateway to the 1,300-acre public City Park, that pre-dated New York's Central Park. Flavored with both Chartreuse and Benedictine, this is a green mixture in a glass.
Death in the Oaks – In the late 19th century, daring gentlemen settled their differences by dueling beneath the majestic oaks of City Park. This twist on the classic Champagne Cocktail incorporating Pomegranate, Cucumber, and Absinthe is surely one to die for…or revive for!
Jack Rose – The original Jack Rose cocktail of Applejack, Grenadine, and Lemon represents an era when the 'fancy ladies' of the Redlight District of Storyville brought notoriety to the previously 'respectable' establishment.    
The Storyville Lolita – A bright red fruity drink combining Peychaud's Aperitivo, Solerno, and Cranberry to evoke the passion and sass of Storyville, whose doyennes were popular patrons of the City Park Tavern, as the establishment was known from 1912-1917. 
J.C. Superstar – A homage to the Jack & Coke, this one recalls the high 1980's, when 900 City Park Avenue was re-opened by Jack & Martha Sands as Tavern on the Park: Whiskey, Housemade Kola, Maple, and Activated Charcoal will bring you back to a decade of sweet success.  Sweet Excess?  Again - it's a fine line.  
At Ralph’s on the Park, one thing is known for sure: gather here long enough and a glass will be raised. With a toast to a New Orleans establishment’s tradition in imbibing – everyone can drink to that!

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