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Screenwriter Jennifer Gremillion Unveils Inspiring New Book:
Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina

New Orleans, La.- New Orleans native Jennifer Gremillion documents her powerful true story of adversity, faith and survival in the new book Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina. The first book in Gremillion's Life Storms series, the story is written from Jennifer's unique perspective as a screenwriter - interspersed with scripts, thought-provoking questions and powerful reflections. This character-driven drama displays a wide range of emotions, delving into the characters' reactions to the crushing storms of life.

"We all go through storms in life. We either crumble or courageously come out of it with a story to tell. In this book, I share some of my own greatest life storms, which happened to coincide with the most devastating hurricane of our time. It was through these struggles that I learned to become the creator of my own life script instead of succumbing to the script I was given. My hope is that I will inspire others to do the same," says Jennifer Gremillion.

When the story opens, Jennifer and her husband Pierre are excited for the birth of their first child. But their hopes and dreams are crushed when their son is born with a rare disease called Giant Pigmented Nevus - life-threatening birthmarks cover the majority of his body. Doctors tell Jennifer and Pierre that their son will not live past a year. There is no known cause or cure for his disease.

Jennifer blames herself for her son's condition while her husband emotionally detaches from their marriage. Pierre, a medical malpractice attorney that relishes in his knowledge of the law, decides to fight the disease like a courtroom battle, directing all of his energy toward saving his son's life. In the midst of their struggle with their marriage at the point of collapse, Hurricane Katrina descends upon New Orleans, destroying everything that Jennifer and Pierre once knew. Even through the crippling heartache, the theme of love, faith and resilience resonates, and the family ultimately finds strength and victory.

Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina will be available in print ($18.99) and Kindle ($7.99) through Wednesday, August 12, 2015. A percentage of each purchase will be donated to Nevus Outreach, Inc., an organization dedicated to improving awareness and providing support for people affected by the disease, and finding a cure.

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New Orleans native Jennifer Gremillion is a screenwriter, blogger and life scripts author based in Southern California. She discovered her love for writing as a teenager when she wrote an essay entitled "How to Describe the Color Red to a Blind Person," and penned "Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose?" Jennifer's powerful life experiences and internal healing have greatly contributed to her writing. Her evolving screenplays include Life Storms, New Year's Resolution, Unforeseen, and Sam Cares. For more information about Jennifer, visit