Did You Know?

Angela Campiere (Convention Sales) will embark on her Masters of Professional Studies in Publishing with George Washington University starting in the fall 2014. The program integrates traditional print with electronic publishing topics, including editorial acquisitions, production and design, copyright law in print and cyberspace, marketing, distribution, management and business.

Pam Arbon (External Affairs) is a former teacher. That's right - she taught for seven years at the New Orleans Montessori School prior to joining the hospitality industry. She taught children 2 ½ years old to 6 years old. She is also quite the risk taker having skydived for her 30th birthday.

Tiffany Isemann's (Tourism) friends have referred to her as the "Mayor of Gretna" because she just adores her neighborhood. She has two puppies named Piper and Doodle, loves costuming and owns four boxes of costumes, and enjoys Zumba on Saturday mornings.

Tina McDaniel (Finance) loves fishing and has carried a fishing license for many years. She loves the fight of reeling in a big Redfish. She is a new "Maw-Maw" to a 10 week old German Shepard/Chow-Chow named Dexter, that her daughter rescued from being sent to a shelter. Tina used to be on a bowling league with her mom and sister growing up.

Vicki Bristol (Communications) would rather be caught cruising on two wheels and taking advantage of all the newly marked bike lines, has two precious pups named Ronin and Abita Amber, and can often be spotted hula hooping her way around the local festival circuit.