This April, New Orleans will host the first in a series of nationwide celebrations commemorating the Bicentennial of the War of 1812. The event, which takes place April 17-23, will welcome an estimated 2,800 sailors, marines and other service men and women into our city, many of whom will spend their time onshore working in a variety of community service projects throughout the city.

The visiting sailors will also have free time to explore our city, enjoying the multitude of restaurants, music, culture and attractions that make us so unique.  On any given night, there will be roughly 1,800-2,000 servicemen and women "on liberty" at a time.  To show our gratitude for their service, we're compiling a list of attractions, restaurants, and venues that would be willing to offer some kind of discount for the sailors during that week.

For complete details on NOLA Navy Week and all special events, please visit

To submit a discount to the members of the military or for any questions, please contact Hartley Casbon at or call her at 504-826-9708. 

Any support that your business can offer would be greatly appreciated.