On Wednesday, October 15, 5-7p.m., the  first DOUBLOON SALOON of the season   will  take place  at Treo ( www.treonola.com ) in Mid-City, at 3835 Tulane Avenue(between  Jeff  Davis  Hwy  and S. Carrollton  Ave). Your donation will support the restoration of the Marie Laveau tomb.

Of  course   you 'll  also  be  supporting  an awesome  new  Mid-City  venue for food, drinks and art.

There are various levels of support: A $10 donation will  get  you:

-Red beans and rice from Chef James Cullen

-$5 per glass of red or white wine

-$1 off signature cocktails

-$1 off D í a de los Muertos

-Death Becomes You Amber Ale (bottle)

-Free walking tour in St. Louis Cemetery #1 with NOLA Doubloon (sign up sheets at event)

-Cool swag from Save Our Cemeteries ( http://www.saveourcemeteries.org ) , along with information on their tomb res toration programs and tours

-Bragging rights for attending the very FIRST " Doubloon Saloon." Stay tuned for information on the next one.

A $20  donation will  get  you:
Free  glass  of  red  or  white  wine
Everything  else  listed  above *  

A $35  donation will   get  you:
A one-year  membership  with  Save  Our  Cemeteries
Everything  else  listed  above *  

A $50  donation will  get  you:
A Save  Our  Cemeteries  tee  shirt
Everything  else  listed  above

Need  any  more  reasons  to  come ? 
1.) It's  hump  day:  mid-week  AND  mid-month

2.) We  can  celebrate  the  impending  launch  of   Prospect   3 ( http://www.prospectneworleans.org ) in  this  new New  Orleans  art  venue.

3.) We  can  start  to  get  excited  about  All  Saints'  Day on  Nov.  1  (a  great  day  to   visit   a  historic  cemetery  in  town)

4.) It's  a  Mid -­‐ City  neighborhood  party NOLA  Doubloon operates riveting  historical tour.

NOLA  Doubloon operates riveting  historical  tours  of  New  Orleans .

We DO donate  a  full  ten  percent  of  proceeds to  local  preser vationist  organizations doing  vital  work  to   insure  that  our  cherished  cultural  assets  and  heritage  sites  are here  for  future  generations. AND  we're  GREEN! NOLA  Doubloon  follows  sustainable business  practices  and  is socially -­‐ and   environmentally-conscious .

 We  are  proud  to  be  a  member  of  LifeCity  and  to  partner  with  other   LifeCity  members. ( www.mylifecity.com )  

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...And  stay  tuned  for  the  next  installment  of  the   DOUBLOON  SALOON