New Orleans Public Belt Railroad Unveils Sleek New Logo
New Design Celebrates Port Synergy

NEW ORLEANS- The New Orleans Public Belt Railroad (NOPB) today launched a new corporate logo, marking the most dramatic change in the company’s visual identity since 1908. Featuring the New Orleans fleur-de-lis, the new logo celebrates NOPB’s synergy with the Port of New Orleans, a partnership confirmed in February 2018. The same vibrant red and subtle blue featured in the original historic “Belt” NOPB logo honors where the company has been and its sleek new design looks to the future.

“Our new logo better communicates what NOPB stands for today,” notes General Manager Doug Campbell. “We have included the original blue and red to pay respect to our heritage but the design embodies the emphasis we are putting on the future of NOPB as a partner of the Port of New Orleans and as a vital member of the region’s transportation gateway.”

“We work together as a team to plan for future growth,” said Brandy Christian, CEO of the Port of New Orleans and New Orleans Public Belt Railroad. “Now we will be able to market ourselves visually as a team, providing superior logistics solutions.”

The new icon will be used alongside both NOPB and “Rail NOLA”. A new website,, will be launched in Fall 2018 as a part of the rebranding effort. Visit the company’s social media pages or email for a high-resolution version of the new logo.

The New Orleans Public Belt Railroad (NOPB) is a Class III switching railroad with the primary mission of serving the Port of New Orleans and local industries. The NOPB is a neutral carrier, with direct connections to six (6) Class 1 Railroads, for which we play an important role in expediting local and intermediate freight through the strategic New Orleans rail gateway. The NOPB is a diversified company, with a full service car repair shop, locomotive shop, track maintenance and repair division, and railcar storage capabilities