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Local hospitality company Pelican New Orleans (PNO), the family-owned travel and tourism group that owns Cajun Encounters Eco-Tours and New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours, will launch the city's first Sustainability Tour, focusing on local environmental sustainability efforts.

The tour will lead guests through the French Quarter, highlighting businesses with environmentally friendly practices, and explaining the city's many conservation efforts. LifeCity, a local non-profit that offers a green certification program to New Orleans businesses, has been contracted to develop the content and speaking points.

Details around the tour format and itinerary have not yet been released, but the tour is planned to kick off in the spring of 2017. PNO and LifeCity will train and educate the company's team of certified tour guides in preparation for the launch. As always, guides will convey the colorful history of New Orleans, while also incorporating present-day conservation initiatives specific to the Crescent City.

By launching this tour, Pelican New Orleans becomes the first major travel company in the area to offer a tour that highlights environmental initiatives. "As one of the largest tour companies in New Orleans, we believe Pelican New Orleans has an obligation to lead the industry forward in environmental sustainability. We are excited to help raise awareness and motivate other local businesses to become more green," says Abby Sanders, Marketing Manager for PNO.

For a city that is perpetually haunted by extreme weather, New Orleans, perhaps more than any other city in the U.S., deserves a focus on environmental sustainability from industry leaders. The Sustainability Tour announcement comes in the wake of a successful "America Recycles Day" event held at the Republic recycling facility in Metairie, and an announcement made by New Orleans City Council encouraging increased recycling in the French Quarter for 2017. The event was hosted, sponsored, and attended by a mixture of non-profits, for-profit companies, and city officials. Together, these groups are driving the city forward to become not only a top tourist destination, but also a model for environmental change.

Pelican New Orleans is uniquely situated to lead the way in sustainability in the local tourism and hospitality industry. In addition to its walking, boat, and bus tour brands, PNO also owns and operates a local transportation service (Audubon Limousine) and restaurant (Huck Finns Café). The company plans not only to launch a Sustainability Tour, but also to partner with LifeCity and other local organization through each of their brands to become more aware of their environmental impact. In doing so, they become one of the largest hospitality companies in the area to announce a focus on environmentally sustainable business practices.

As travelers become more environmentally conscious, they will now have a tour option that brings them into the heart of New Orleans, while also educating and informing them on the city's path to becoming more green. Pelican New Orleans is excited to lead the way, and also highlight other local businesses that are making the city a cleaner, greener place to live and to visit.

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