A beloved landmark on the corner of Chartres and St. Louis in New Orleans' French Quarter, the Napoleon House exudes a European charm in keeping with its 200-year history. Although the city's optimistic plot to provide refuge for the exiled Napoleon Bonaparte never quite came to pass, the bar and restaurant that occupy the premises intended for him have carried on, extending a constant welcome to generations of locals and visitors, artists and musicians, and film makers and philosophers, in his stead. Remaining true to itself, the deeply patinated walls, uneven tile floors, and old wooden bar, hollowed by countless signature Pimm's Cups, speak to its many decades of service.

The traditional taste of Napoleon House is safe in the hands of chef Chris Montero, a veteran of the Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group, whose own Creole roots in New Orleans reach back about as far as Napoleon House, itself. The Spanish Monteros arrived in New Orleans 200 years ago, establishing a long line of accomplished classic Creole cooks; Montero learned his craft at his grandmother's knee, and honors the favored flavors of the Quarter, including the "Italian grocery" favorites that have long dominated the Napoleon House menu.

New owner Ralph Brennan, whose family is a longstanding institution of New Orleans hospitality, accepted stewardship of Napoleon House from the Impasto family [its owners for the previous century,] declaring his intention to maintain the relaxed and antiquated character of this cherished landmark. Its patrons can still expect a soundtrack of classical music and the best muffulettas in town, as well as the same warm welcome first inspired by Napoleon, and practiced here ever since.

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