po-boyNew Orleans natives are known for their discerning culinary palates, so you know when a mere sandwich grabs their attention (and hearts), it's got to be one amazing sandwich. A long standing tradition in New Orleans, po-boy sandwiches have been around since the late 1920s and now can be found at nearly every casual restaurant. Fried seafood or tender meat is stuffed inside freshly baked French bread and slathered with hot sauce or remoulade. Start your po-boy tasting tour with our list below, or head to the annual Oak Street Po-Boy Festival to get the full experience.

What Is a Po-Boy?
A po-boy is a sandwich made with Louisiana-style French bread (think crispy baguette with soft, fluffy insides), which is usually stuffed with fried seafood or tender meat —  anything from house-made hot sausage to barbecued gulf shrimp. Order like a local and ask for the sandwich "dressed," it'll come loaded with lettuce, tomato, pickle and mayonnaise. 

Huck Finn's Café
Huck Finn's Café has it all if you're looking for a Southern dining experience: Bourbon milk punch, mint juleps, pecan pie and, of course, a menu packed with po-boys. Go all out and try their cajun pirogue po-boy filled with gator sausage, jambalaya, and gumbo broth or try the catfish po-boy dressed.

Mother's Restaurant

The frequent line out the door and the sumptuous aromas wafting out from inside are the first clues of the deliciousness diners encounter at Mother's Restaurant. The cafeteria-style joint has been serving up home-cooked standards for more than 60 years, and one of the reasons the locals keep coming back is for their juicy po-boy options. Stack your roast beef po-boy high with debris (gravy) or try the soft shell crab po-boy and have a seat at this uniquely New Orleans institution; you'll quickly understand why New Orleanians always seem so happy.

Johnny's Po-Boys
Even though Johnny's Po-Boys has a menu touting more than 50 po-boys, such as country fried steak and alligator sausage, a locals' favorite is the soft-shell crab po-boy. Piled with battered, flash-fried soft-shell crabs, this crunchy, seasonal sandwich really shines when it's served with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and a splash of hot sauce.

Central Grocery Co.
Traditionally speaking, Central Grocery Co. is known for the other famous New Orleans sandwich, the Muffuletta. However, they've been perfecting sandwiches since 1906, and we trust them with the ways of a po-boy. Try a different take with the veggie po-boy. 

Red Fish Grill
This Ralph Brennan restaurant is known for their amazing seafood dining experiences, however the Red Fish Grill also knows how to serve up a mean po-boy. Try the Gulf shrimp and pimento cheese po-boy featured at the New Orleans Po-Boy Festival in 2016 and don't miss their 2016 Best Seafood Po-Boy winner, the BBQ oyster po-boy.   

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